5 Ways To Use Reiki

Apart from self healing and treating others Reiki can be used for other applications. This is what makes Reiki different to other healing methods and alternative therapies as it can be used in may aspects of our daily lives.

Reiki can even be used on inanimate objects. So next time you have a problem with your computer or one of your plants is dying remember that here is one way you can use Reiki.

The fundamental reason for this is that Reiki is just a way of transferring energy to where there is an imbalance. Everything in the Universe is made from energy – even inanimate objects.

Plants and flowers – life energy belongs as much to plants and flowers as it does to humans and animals, so the healing power of Reiki can be applied to them. For house plants put your hands around the pot to focus sending energy to the roots – this is where the plant draws it’s sustenance and where most effort should be focused. When you sense enough Reiki energy has been transferred then move your hands to the upper part of the plant. For outdoor plants you should focus on the seeds / bulbs before you plant them as it is impossible to give Reiki to the whole garden unless you master Distance healing.

Food and drink – we draw our energy from the food and drink we consume. It therefore makes sense to put into our stomachs not only good food but good energy. Give Reiki to food as it cooks or when it is on the table and fill it with good energy. Even foods that are bad for you can be improved – but not made good! With Reiki. If you don’t believe this try taking a glass of tap water and taste it – then give the water Reiki and taste again.

Animals – this isn’t really any different to treating a human except you will have to be more intuitive and try to be guided by the animal. For fish you can place your hands in the tank, and for animals you can’t / don’t want to touch use distance healing.

Your environment – this can be more advanced but all levels of Reiki practitioners can do this. Place your hands on the walls of a room and offer Reiki energy transference. If your house isn’t selling this method can work as the environment becomes much nicer and has a better feel.

Distance Healing – this isn’t unique to Reiki but is generally carried out a little differently. You can send Reiki to people on the other side of the world. Whilst this sounds hard to believe it is done by using visualization, which brings the focus of the healing to the fore. Photographs are often used. You can also send Reiki into the future to support your actions. See yourself in the situation where you want the support and send Reiki to yourself.

I hope these ways of using Reiki have encouraged to think about ways you can use it for yourself more.