6 Step Breathing Exercise – Make This Popular Reiki Healing Method a Part of Your Daily Routine

Reiki healing is fast becoming a popular alternative therapy to combat modern day stress and strain. The beauty of this amazing technique is in the fact that is it a benign and non invasive method of healing. It can be used in combination with other modes of treatment. Reiki healing can never cause any harm to anyone.

In this article I propose to discuss one Reiki breathing exercise which will make you feel relaxed, calm and more focused in your approach towards life. Like most other Reiki healing techniques this exercise too aims to clear and heal the energy pathway in your body to ensure that life force flows in a healthy and natural way.

1. Sit or lie down comfortably on your back with your eyes closed. Pay close attention to your breath carefully noticing how it flows in and out.

2. Place your hands in that part of your body where you feel tension of any kind. Your own intuition will guide your hands automatically to locate the exact spot in your body which needs to relax the most.

3. Visualize and direct your breath consciously to this spot. It is essential that you wholeheartedly visualize that your breath is the Universal Life Energy which flows through you. Let go of all your worries. Do not try to control your mind in any way. Your objective is to collect and expand this energy under your hands. Once done it will ensure that peace gradually spreads from the spot beneath your hands to your entire body.

4. After ten minutes you can shift your hands to the next part of the body which you feel needs to relax and follow steps 1 to 3.

5. Keep moving your hands up to three places in your body at any one time for maximum benefits.

6. Slowly open your eyes, stretch yourself, and return to consciousness.

You will feel relaxed, calmer, and more centered after this wonderful Reiki healing exercise. Not many of us realize the fact that a simple breathing exercise can do wonders for our overall well being. The key is to stay focused in our breathing and sincerely practice the exercise every day.