All About Crystal Healing Reiki

Reiki treatment is considered a form of spiritual energy healing, which is believed to be guided by the vast intelligence of the universe, or Universal Life Force, that which we have come to know as the mind of God.

Crystal Healing Reiki is widely used by many Reiki healers. Their use aids in the balancing of energy within the body which in turn helps in the therapeutic process. Reiki practitioners use crystals because they can speed up the healing.

The purpose behind laying crystals or gemstones is basically to aid in the releasing of physical, emotional, spiritual or mental blocks. It is believed that negative experiences, both physical and emotional, can cause blocks in the energy paths which in turn bring about disease.

The gemstones are laid on specific points of the body where the chakras or energy centers are located. The practitioner’s role is to be comforting, non-judgemental, and supportive making the patient feel „safe“ in case he feels the need to release his emotions verbally. In many instances, the healing begins once the patient feels the freedom to express himself. This is an integral part of the healing process.

Reiki healers seem to have a preference for quartz, since it is a clear and harmonically shaped crystal, which properties apparently clear the blockages within the body. However, since chakras are associated with colors according to the energy fields they represent, many practitioners will take this into consideration when choosing the crystals to be used during treatment.

It is believed that these crystals have unique vibrational energies connected to their color and shape. This seems to help in the balancing, realigning and amplifying of energy fields within the body. It is important to always use a stone that feels good to the patient when placed on his body. If any discomfort is felt, the crystal should be removed at once. A variety of stones can be used and interchanged during treatment, and once the patient has ‚absorbed‘ the energy from one stone, it should be removed. For this to be effective, the practitioner and the client must work closely together during this process.

The gemstones should be cleaned and kept in optimal conditions so they keep their energetic properties. Thus, after treatment the gems should be placed in salt water, and some Masters recharge them through specific techniques.

The following are some of the crystals used for Crystal Healing Reiki:

For the pelvic area, onyx, garnet and ruby can be used. The colors that represent these chakras are brown, black and red.

For the abdominal area, tiger’s eye, quartz and amber are used. The color associated to this area is gold.
For the Third Eye or forehead, moss agate, amethyst and sodalite are indicated. The colors of this area are dark blue and purple.

For the throat area, turquoise, aquamarine and amazonite are indicated. The colors associated with this area are light blue or blue green.

For the crown or top of the head, quartz is used. The color of this stone is clear white.

For the heart area, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, rhodonite, aventurine, and green tourmaline can be used. And the colors associated are pink and green.

For the solar plexus, stones like malachite, peridot, rhodochrosite and moonstone can be used. The colors of this area are coral and chartreuse.