Apparition Of The Blessed Mother – My Most Profound Reiki Session

As a health professional and seasoned Reiki therapist, I am well aware that clinical studies show Reiki, an ancient energy balancing technique making its way to mainstream medicine, is an effective modality to help reduce pain, lift depression, enhance immunity and promote relaxation. Although it is a body, mind, and spirit modality, the spiritual aspects of Reiki are often overlooked and remain illusive in the outback of research. Truly, it is my favorite energy therapy because of its spiritual component. Just the words Reiki means universal life force energy or as some call it „energy from God.“ Its sacred part, influenced by the Holy Spirit, is mysterious and cannot be explained by the logical mind.

I have had a private energy practice for the past nine years. During this time, I have been honored to assist hundreds of clients into wellness by being a conduit for Reiki’s healing energy. People from all walks of life, with a whole gamut of physical and emotional conditions have come and experienced Reiki’s benefits. All clients are my teachers but one, Zita, shed light on its powerful spiritual side. I cannot put her out of my mind.

I reel back to a few years ago. Zita arrived at my office accompanied by her two grown daughters. She had come for Reiki to reduce the stress of her looming divorce and also help her sleep better. I was in immediate awe of Zita. There was something beautiful about her. I couldn’t quite define it; she had a sort of aura, a certain luminescence enhanced by the sunrays filtering in through my unadorned windows.

During the initial client interview Zita informed me she was eighty five. Impossible! I thought to myself. Her posture and demeanor are so young for her age. As we continued, I learned she had seen a doctor only a handful of times in her entire life and was on no medication!

We began the Reiki session in the typical fashion. She lay back on the massage table in the quiet room with soft light. As I centered myself, I was aware of a medal which shifted in my pants pocket. For some reason I had slipped „the miraculous medal,“ a nearly forgotten gift from a friend, into my pocket before Zita came. I had never worn this medal before, why today? Call it intuition or sixth sense, something instructed me to do it.

My mind drifted to the story of the „Miraculous Medal“ It is one of the most worn and honored in religious history. Apparently, on November 27th, 1830, the Blessed Mother appeared to Sister Catherine Labourne in a chapel in Paris, France. Catherine described Mary as“ perfectly beautiful.“ The nun was told by the Blessed Mother to have her (Mary’s) image cast on a medal. The blessed Mother said, „All who wear it will receive great graces.“ For those who did many miracles were reported.

Before I begin the Reiki treatment, I give the client a moment to call in a healer (if they wish) to assist. It could be a religious figure, an angel, guide or an ancestor. I offered this option to Zita but she remained silent. I wasn’t sure she called one in.

After placing my hands in a pattern around Zita’s face, I moved on to the throat, then over the heart chakra. As I did the name „Mary“ flashed into my mind. Not once but several times, each with increasing clarity. Suddenly all my senses quickened and went on alert.

Within moments I felt a presence in the room. First, a firm pressure was applied on my back, particularly on my right side, as if someone was leaning against me. It began to move like a warm wave down my arms and through my hands, gentle, soft and reassuring. I was not imagining it, it was really happening. I felt like I was standing in the midst of a high vibration or the sun was diffusing its warmth over me on a perfect day-the depth of this peacefulness seemed almost surreal. It was then that I knew I had become a conduit for a higher being. I was overwhelmed, honored, and suspended in time. I felt weightless, drifting in space, and imagined my fingertips reaching out and touching the edges of the spiritual plane. Subtle energy awareness occurred. There was a sudden, discernable shift. It was at that moment, I believe, that the Blessed Mother stepped in and took over.

Now keenly observant, I reminded myself: Your responsibility is just to be. You are an instrument for her to move through. This presence is responding to Zita’s call and will take care of her in a perfect manner.

My mind raced. Had my client called in Mary? Was she especially connected to her? Was this why I was directed to pick up the medal this morning?

I finished the Reiki session in complete silence. At closing I smoothed Zita’s field, placed the emotional healing symbol over her heart and finally cocooned her in white light. Zita had fallen asleep and seemed comfortable as she lay there on the table.

I woke her up gently and pulled up a chair so I could sit close. Looking deeply into her eyes, I asked her if she would mind telling me who she called in as a healer.

She paused briefly, „I called in the Blessed Mother, of course, I pray to her every day.“ Zita went on to tell me she has had apparitions of Mary all her life. Her most recent apparition was just a few months ago. Apparently Zita’s husband had had been trying to poison her, hoping to get the benefits of the insurance policy. Just as Zita was experiencing inexplicable symptoms-nausea, dizziness and weakness, Mary appeared to her in her bedroom in the middle of the night. Zita said she was more beautiful than past apparitions. „That night, she was bathed in a massive halo of bright, radiant light. Pure silver streamed all around her“. The Blessed Virgin told her she was in grave danger and must leave immediately. The next morning Zita called for help and fled her home for safety.

After pondering Zitas session I concluded that it was more beneficial for me than it was for her. „Was there a lesson here for me?“ I asked. Enlightment soon came.

All clients are teachers but Zita was my sacred one. She gave credence to the awe-inspiring powers of the spiritual field, and I respect these grounds even more. She also answered a question I have asked myself, especially when times are tough: When we pray, does someone really, truly come? I now say with certainty, yes.

I continue to wear my miraculous medal everyday. Even though I am not of the same religious denomination as Zita, my brush with Mary told me this beautiful energy would lovingly respond to anyone who calls.

Endnote: Some time has passed. Zita eventually became gravely ill. I saw her when she was in the midst of devastating disease and had lost her memory to dementia. She could no longer recall the names of her children and grandchildren or any details of her life. However as I mentioned her beloved Mary and she immediately recalled every detail of her apparition story-every single particular just as she had years before! It seemed impossible even in the eyes of general medicine, to pull out just one vivid memory from a sea of confusion. It showed me again, her story was real and once more rekindled my trust; when we pray, yes, someone answers.

Zita made her transition last month; only after she successfully carried out her mission-to instill faith in all those around her. People were inexplicably drawn to her, just wanted to sit by her, and be near her. She had unusual warmth and radiance even after death….perhaps mysteriously bestowed by her beloved Blessed Mother.