Applying Reiki to Pregnancy

One of the most helpful uses of Reiki would be in cases of pregnancy and infertility. Couples who have trouble bearing children would turn to all ways possible just to find a solution to their problem.

Reiki can be used for infertility problems, no doubt about that. In one instance, it had helped a Reiki student who is undergoing infertility treatments that fails to help her at all. But with the energy powers of Reiki, the imbalances in her pelvic and reproductive area were solved. The Reiki student who nearly gave up on having children felt something in her abdomen during one of her Reiki training sessions. In six weeks, she became pregnant and had successfully delivered a health baby as scheduled.

Reiki can help not only the infertile but pregnant mothers as well. Reiki students or receivers who are several months pregnant would feel the energy flowing through their belly, affecting the baby positively. This means that pregnant women attending Reiki classes or undergoing Reiki therapies are not only helping themselves but the baby inside them as well. Reiki sessions could make your baby feel relaxed, contented, kind, and happy even. And as the baby grows up, he or she will be more responsive to Reiki treatment sessions, giving parents peace of mind despite childhood falls and illnesses.

Reiki can greatly help pregnant mothers when nursing and taking care of their growing babies. Reiki workshops and healing sessions would make their baby very easy to attend to because they are less fussy and don’t cry so much, especially at night. And if the mother know how to practice Reiki, she can use it to help calm down her baby whenever he is edgy or is not feeling well.

However, there are beliefs that Reiki shouldn’t be practiced on women who are in their late pregnancy stages. While it is said that Reiki can cause premature labor to the expecting mother, the art doesn’t really cause harm to anybody at all. Mothers may choose to stop Reiki treatments during the last trimester of pregnancy. But even so, they don’t have to do that because Reiki has proven to be beneficial to both the baby and the mother at any point.

When it comes to the attunement process of a pregnant mother, some masters believe that the procedure is extended towards the baby, meaning he becomes a legitimate Reiki practitioner as well. However, there are also a good number of masters that say that the baby inside the womb is in no way part of the entire procedure. Whichever the case, one thing remains true – the baby is benefited in the whole exercise because he receives all the goodness that the attunement brings. And you can expect that these babies will be very different from the others who hadn’t experienced Reiki when they grow up.

Generally speaking, Reiki can positively affect the baby before, during, and even after pregnancy. Women who believe in the power of Reiki are advised to receive Reiki therapies in their pregnancy stages for their own benefit and for the good of the baby inside them.