Cleanse and Clear Conflict – Heal Relationships With Reiki

At one time or another each of us faces conflict in relationships that seems to repeat itself no matter if we remain in a long-term relationship or have different relationships with many people over time. The issues that keep cropping up have everything to do with our inner issues and our own beliefs, choices and mantras playing over and over again like a (sometimes silent) recording in our minds. These unconscious scripts can become blockages to our happiness causing us grief over and over again. Reiki can help to clear these blockages and ultimately heal relationship conflict through healing your inner self.

Reiki, in general, is a universal life-force energy that can be used for almost any purpose to heal and bring back balance. This healing force gets to the root of situations and issues and clears by dissolving blockages of built up energy patterns that are not useful in your life. Essentially Reiki clears a path for new energies to come in that serve you instead of maintaining the unhealthy energies that have weighed you down and kept you in a circle of broken relationships.

Relationships of all kinds can be healed, but mostly Reiki is used to heal you first, which is the cause of the situations around you. Your thoughts create your world and attract to you the types of people and situations that fit into your thought creation, otherwise known as your life.

The first step is to admit to yourself that it is not outside situations that are holding you back and it is also not other people who are ruining your life. You don’t have bad relationship luck and this does not always just ‚happen‘ to you. Taking full responsibility for the choice to invite in a healthier existence creates excellent ground for Reiki to clean and clear away the old, unwanted and unnecessary things that have not worked in relationships. This is not to feel guilty or take on blame- it is simply to accept what „is“ and move forward.

Once you have resigned yourself to owning your personal power, claiming responsibility for how your relationships are conducted with anyone and everyone you interact with, you can then begin the process. Reiki sent to you from a practitioner, or given to you in-person by a practitioner (preferably a Master), will begin to clear any old patterns and blockages to the way that you communicate, how you feel about yourself, and other negativity within you that may be standing in the way of having great relationships.

The more you consciously accept this and also unconsciously accept this healing, the energy clears more and more quickly, balancing your chakras (energy centers in the body), clearing your mind, your speech, your groundedness and reconnecting you to your spirit self- the infinite soul self. Reiki then clears out the patterns and scripts that you may have not been able to let go of in the past. How quickly it clears blockages all depends on what you are personally ready to let go of.

Reiki is an excellent tool to clearing up relationship conflicts and making a new, open pathway for much healthier relationships to enter your life. Reiki ultimately balances out your own mind, heart, and soul and therefore, attracts better relationships to you as a result. Be sure to seek out the best practitioner for your needs, preferably a Master practitioner who is aware of the journey that it takes to transcend old patterns and engage life to the fullest.

Any opinions expressed in this article are from a layperson and are meant as a spiritual approach to health concerns. Nothing contained in this article is meant to be used as medical advice or to replace any medical treatment. You should always seek the attention of a qualified medical doctor for your medical needs.