Crystal Healing For Your Aura

You can use crystals to help cleanse your aura during a healing session. Using crystals for healing is a fun and easy way, especially if you are not attuned to Reiki to use a particular type of energy. Being attuned to Reiki can help enhance the crystal healing being done, but is not required for working with them on healing issues.

When working on your aura layers, you can easily and simply cleanse and repair issues using a Lapis Lazuli during your session. Now if you have never used crystal healing or Reiki before, this may seem a bit „odd“ but it is incredibly effective for a very basic type of session. A Lapis Lazuli will help remove the stagnant energy, get the negative energy flowing and moving again for your reverse positive energy to help heal on its own, as well as seal and repair basic rips and tears that are leaking energy.

Using a Lapis Lazuli is not recommended for working on a full entire aura session, but it is good for beginners to get started with if you want to see what it can do and get a taste of working with crystals and energy work. For a full and deep repairing and cleansing session, being attuned to Reiki is a major plus. You will need to detect the energy issues and problems in need of repair, as well as running energy, cleansing, removing negative energy, clearing stagnant energy and incorporating multiple energy forms and crystals into one session.

For the beginners, however, you can take a Lapis Lazuli in your dominant hand and slowly move this around your client over and over their aura fields. Stay about 24 inches away from the physical body. Start moving this above their head, near their crown chakra and work towards their feet. Move around the body in a clockwise manner, as well as turning the Lapis Lazuli clockwise in your hand during the session.

Always remember to cleanse the crystal after your session is completed. Again this is recommended for the bare basics of an aura repair and cleansing session. For a more thorough session, please check into being attuned, detecting and working with energies as well as other crystals to use for each appropriate layer of one’s aura.