Crystal Reiki: How to Expand Your Reiki Practice with Crystals

The use of crystals is not essential for Reiki, however, many people are drawn to using crystals for healing and enjoy integrating crystals with their Reiki practices.

Here are some recommendations if you are trying to decide which crystals to use in Reiki. You will want a different crystal for each chakra. You can place the crystals either on or near the body. For the crown, consider quartz crystal. For the forehead, a dark blue or purple such as amethyst would be appropriate. A blue green or light blue, like aquamarine or blue lace agate, can be used for the throat area. On the heart area, try green tourmaline or a pink crystal like rose quartz. The solar plexus area can benefit from a chartreuse or coral color. Use peridot, malachite, or moonstone. A gold color works well on the abdominal area. Try tiger’s eye or amber. Finally, the pelvic area benefits from a deep color so use hematite, garnet, or obsidian.

Another way you can incorporate crystals into your Reiki practice is to set up a Crystal Grid. Choose some crystals that you will use to make a pattern and you can then place this pattern under the Reiki table or chair. The first step after choosing your crystals is to cleanse them. After cleansing them, hold them one by one and focus on making the crystal a channel for the Reiki energy to flow through. If you are a level one practitioner, simply focus on channeling your energy into the crystal. If you are level two, you may use the symbols that you have learned to channel the Reiki energy into the crystals.

After you have channeled energy into the crystals, place them in a pattern. A simple pattern to use is the Star of David pattern. In this layout, place the crystals as the points of a Star of David with one each for the foot and the head and the other four points as the hips and shoulders.

Feel free to experiment with different patterns until you find one that works well with you. Nothing with crystals is written in stone. If you channel Reiki for others, encourage them to bring their favorite crystals to the session, or allow them to choose amongst yours. Having something concrete to concentrate on aids the beginner and the advanced alike in visualizing and focus. If you know what issues they are feeling, you can guide them to an appropriate crystal. For example, suggest amethyst for someone who is suffering from anxiety.

Although crystals and Reiki are not traditionally used together, more and more people are finding that they complement one another. If you are looking to expand your Reiki practice, incorporating crystals can be a fun way to further attune yourself to the universal energy.