Discover the History of Reiki

The history of Reiki reveals the story of magical healing energies which were rediscovered by a man named Dr Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk in the early nineteenth century. Dr Usui found the „key“ for healing using only energy and the palm of your hand. His amazing quest to find the missing „keys“ of healing has now been widely spread all over the world, and used daily by millions of people..

A senior student asked Dr Usui, „Do you believe everything written in the bible?“ Dr Usui answered „yes“. The boy then proceeded to ask „Why does it say in the bible that we can walk on water and heal sick people, when we can’t“.

This was the seed that started the quest for answers and Dr Usui resigned from his position. He moved to the United States of America and received a Doctorate Degree in Scriptures.

Dr Usui knew Buddha had the power to heal, so he returned to Japan to study Buddhism.

Whilst studying Buddhism he discovered the Original Buddhist Scriptures, but unfortunately they were written in Sanskrit (an ancient language). Which he had to study before he was able to understand the teachings.

Finally, he found the formula of how Buddha miraculously healed people. He knew he was close but could still not heal people. Dr Usui went to the mountains in Japan to fast and meditate on the technique required to heal people for 21 days. His friend the Abbot warned him it could be very dangerous, and he may even loose his life.

As Dr Usui climbed the scared mountain he collected twenty one stones, that he used as a calendar. He spent his days on the mountains studying the sutras, meditating and singing. As the days passed Dr Usui became tired, stiff, hungry, thirsty and exhausted and disappointed as he was no closer to discovering how to heal the sick.

On the twenty first day as Dr Usui began to head home, then suddenly he became aware of a beautiful beam of white light shooting from the heavens directly towards him.

He was stuck by this light which eventually knocked him over, he could also see bubbles of white light before his eyes. These bubbles of light contained the energies of Reiki. He realized the missing key’s of Reiki had been given to him, and the missing energies or the now known symbols of Reiki healing, had been rediscovered.

Following this experience Dr Usui was no longer feeling the tiredness, stiffness, exhaustion and hunger he previously felt. On the way down the mountain he stubbed his toe which he placed his hands over and the pain and bleeding subsided. He healed himself.

When he arrived down from the mountain he stopped at an inn and ordered a Japanese breakfast. The inn keeper could see he had been through an ordeal by his clothes and appearance.

Whilst waiting for breakfast he healed the inn keeper’s daughter of tooth ache. He also healed himself of aches and pains plus his friend at the Monastery the Abbot, of severe arthritic pain using only energy and his hands.

He continued to heal the poor and the beggars for many years. Eventually left the beggars and returned home to the Monastery, where he began healing and teaching students throughout Japan.

Dr Usui now realized there were two primary aspects of healing which were vital- the healing of the spirit and the responsibility of the receiver.

Dr Usui passed the „Keys“, the lineage and the history of Reiki onto 16 students including Chujiro Hyashi, Hakayo Tagata and Phyllis Furimoto who in return passed the Reiki lineage on to thousands of students, so his teachings were never lost again.