Dolphin Trilogy Reiki – Learn the Secrets

Like I am sure many of you know, Reiki is on old healing method that relies on your body’s self healing power. Dolphin trilogy Reiki is one form of it and it is in fact quite popular method I must say. There are three levels in Dolphin trilogy Reiki and here I will explain you what they are and maybe you can benefit from this very powerful healing method.

Dolphin trilogy Reiki was actually evolved from Dolphin Reiki and it is designed especially to help coping with emotional problems. Things like different kinds of addictions, depression, and negative feelings can be treated with this method. Like I already told you, there are three levels in this as the name indicates. There are Dolphin healing Reiki, Orca empowerment Reiki, and Dolphin crystal Reiki.

The first level, Dolphin healing Reiki is a breathing technique that will help you to make a connection with the dolphin’s energy. If your cellular memory has negative patterns and in the result you are suffering from emotional problems, this technique will help you to turn these negative patterns into positive ones by opening the blocked energy pathways. The second level of the trilogy is the Orca empowerment Reiki.

In the dolphin family, the Orcas are the largest group. Orca empowerment Reiki being the second level of this form of Reiki aims at healing through release of your memories. It will teach you how to release the memories by a breathing technique and through communications with the sounds.

As you by now probably now, the Dolphin crystal Reiki is the final level in this trilogy. This is where all the positive energy will be combined with the help of the powerful energy of the crystal. This all results in a whole healing system that can help you get that much closer to complete emotional well-being.