Getting a Reiki Certification Online

Anyone can get a Reiki certificate from any reputable organization that offers courses on the Reiki system of healing. This unique system, that involves learning how to draw and use universal life energy in the healing process, has been gaining a considerable amount of popularity in recent times.

The Japanese doctor Mikao Usui was the person who rediscovered Reiki and developed Reiki as a healing art back in the early 1922. Usui claimed to have received the ability to „heal without energy depletion“ after some intensive meditation and fasting over a period of three weeks in Mount Kurama.

Reiki is described as the process of transferring energy from the universal life force through the healer’s hands and into the patient’s body with the intention to enhance the healing power of the patient and help him heal. The interesting fact is that even though there is no scientific proof or statistical data that describes precisely how Reiki therapy works, thousands of people throughout the world claim to have benefitted one way or another from having received Reiki.

As more and more people get to experience healing with Reiki, many are seeking not only Reiki treatment but training to perform this healing therapy on themselves.

Some believe that Reiki teachings should only be imparted and learned with the student and teacher being physically present and in front of each other. However, there are many others who have been able to learn the art successfully though books, manuals, workbooks, audio and video training. This has allowed for many to get trained in every aspect of Reiki; from hand positions and history all the way to the symbols and images of Reiki.

As a result, several online courses have emerged for you to choose from and get your Reiki certificate. This allows you to learn Reiki from the comfort of your home, at your own time and leisure, and at a much lesser cost. To date, there is neither an accreditation body for Reiki training, nor a regular body for the practice of it. It is merely considered an alternative mode of healing.

There are several modalities of Reiki and as such, a number of different courses. This is because Reiki has evolved and been modified according to the practice and experience of new Reiki Masters who want to incorporate their findings in their lessons and teach them to their students. The ramifications will only continue and this is great as more opportunities for healing are experienced and shared. However, the many forms of Reiki can be intimidating and confusing to someone who’s just starting to explore with the intention to acquire a Reiki certificate. Thus, the best recommendation is to start by learning the traditional form of Reiki -also known as Usui Reiki Ryoho, named after Master Usui.

Once you learn the basics, you can further explore other modalities and expand your knowledge and healing power. You can choose from courses that give you certificates of Reiki Master and go on into Reiki Teacher. Most courses outside Japan have been designed in levels. This means that the first level must be taken before moving into the second, and the third one.

Depending on the intention, many are happy to complete up to level two as all they want is to learn Reiki to heal themselves and help others. Level three is for those who feel they have been called to do something greater. Finally, there is the Master Level training that allows you to get a Reiki certificate with the intention to both, heal and teach others the art of Reiki.