Healing Back Problems Or Pain With Crystal Healings

Dealing with back problems can affect a lot of people, especially when they do not know how to treat them other than with rest or pain types of medicine. There are alternatives to healing back issues, whether they are major or minor problems that you are facing.

Crystal healing with Petrified Wood works best for general back issues. If you have hurt your back in a minor related incident and this only flares up once in a while, or you just hurt your back recently, you can do a quick healing session on your own that takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Lie down on your stomach on a flat surface, such as your bed; massage table, or even the floor if it is comfortable. Next place, or have someone else place, three pieces of Petrified Wood equally distant along your back. One should be place near the nape of your next, one near your tailbone, and the third in-between these two. Rest and relax for about 15 minutes to re-align the energies and heal the pain that is caused.

For major back issues and dis-tress, you can wear a reverse pendant of Petrified Wood. All a reverse pendant is a normal pendant, but worn on your back instead of around the front of your neck. This will send healing alignment energies down your spine and work on healing your major back issues. You can also use the above-mentioned quick mention for those short onset bursts of pain for extra energy boosts.