Holistic, Natural Healing – Optimized With Zeolite and Reiki

Disease symptoms reveal the Body Burden of toxins in every way from allergies to cancer to Alzheimer’s and autism. When used as a natural healing method, Reiki may promote relaxation, pain reduction and reduce symptoms of disease. Documented cases involving serious disease often yield miraculous benefits to clients who receive the Universal Life Energy of Reiki. Implement holistic, natural healing and optimize the benefits of Reiki. First, remove toxins with clean, liquid, original zeolite.

The gentle Japanese art of Reiki flows like a river of energy, clean and pure, from its Universal Source to work in profound and mysterious ways. Reiki allows healing on all levels; physical, mental/ emotional as well as spiritual. Reiki energy, envisioned for the greatest and highest good, moves through the practitioner either by the gentle laying on of hands or by thought and intention, overcoming barriers of time and space. How can removing toxins maximize Reiki healing energies? Understanding the properties of zeolite and toxins provides insight.

Environmental toxins accumulate in our food, water, air and homes. These toxins are mercury, lead and other heavy metals, as well as industrial and commercial toxins like plastics, pesticides, flame retardants and non-stick coatings. Toxins, if not conscientiously removed with zeolite, build up in our bodies to create a Body Burden. Even in minute amounts, these heavy metals and other chemical substances cause damage to body cells and tissues. In a „dramatic video from the University of Calgary, itself published as a peer-reviewed scientific article, illustrates how the smallest quantities of mercury can destroy growing nerve cells, leaving the neurofibrillary tangles characteristic of Alzheimer’s Disease.“1

A zeolite granted GRAS status by the FDA, clinoptilolite, has a negative charge and attracts to itself the strong positive charges of heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic and aluminum. Clean, activated liquid zeolite effectively traps these heavy metals and other toxins in the body such as pesticides, volatile organic compounds and any of the thousands of new industrial chemicals dumped into our environment yearly. People experience natural healing benefits at a cellular level because of a cleaner, better functioning body.

Exposure to toxins over time, and subsequent accumulation of toxins in the body, interferes not only with natural healing, but also compromises nerve function, mental clarity and our connection to the Universal Energy of Reiki. How much easier to receive energy, invite inspiration and clarity and respond intuitively without toxic obstacles. Optimize holistic, natural healing. Remove toxins with zeolite to allow clear thinking, proper nerve responses and to open the way for perfect Universal Energy known as Reiki to flow as intended; for the greatest and highest good.

[1] F.L. Lorsheider, C. C-W Leong, N.I. Syed. University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine, Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics. How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration. 1993.