How Reiki Heals

Reiki is a healing system that uses laying of hands on a person who wants to be healed. The practitioner of Reiki is not the healer but merely the channeler of the Universal Life Force Energy, or Reiki. Practitioners of Reiki tout that the practice is limitless, repressed only by the limits the person to be healed places upon themselves. The healing that occurs is one of self-development, eliminating bad habits or patterns, accepting change, accepting healing and opening up to possibilities within oneself. Reiki operates on the level of the underlying force that unites all things, the Chi or Ki, this force that vibrates and flows through all matter whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. People who have suffered trauma are equally as healable as someone suffering from a physical disease.

The healing that is described in Reiki goes beyond our traditional understanding of what it means to be healed. Often, we think of being healed the same as being cured, of symptoms or an ailment. Healing in the Reiki sense is the return to wholeness. Reiki purports that each human being has an ideal form, that which is the highest and clearest expression of their true selves. Through sickness, stress, emotional trauma or upset we get further away from this wholeness and become tainted. Reiki helps to bring a person back to their ideal form through treatments with a practitioner. Reiki helps to change a person’s limitations, or perceived limitations that are exemplified by patterns he or she has developed such as behavioral, eating, physical, imagined, psychological, emotional, mental, living and loving.

Once the person discovers their limitation and identified it they must move on to letting it go. Reiki helps to accomplish this by providing energy to the recipient to become aware of these factors and to utilize the Universal Life Force Energy and release them. Reiki’s energy is extremely positive, flowing in a sense of pure love throughout the universe, it allows the recipient to transcend his or her limitations, pains, emotional shortcomings and helps encourage listening and remembering the ideal state of being.

An analogy for Reiki’s healing process can be understood by the example of a glass of water with dirt in it and a magic pitcher full of pure water. Imagine the pitcher’s water never emptying no matter how many times it is poured out. This is the Reiki energy. The dirty glass of water is the person to be healed. The magic water pours into the dirty water until all the water is now clean, as this happens, the water slowly becomes as crystal clear as the magic water. This is perfect health. Reiki can clear the ‚dirt‘ from within oneself- be it bad habits, sickness, impatience, laziness, addiction or disease.

It is widely accepted that stress will cause sickness. Whether the stress is in the form of unresolved trauma, worry, fear, anxiety, anger or negative thought patterns it has the potential to cause disease in a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual state due to the lack of energy that is not flowing through the body. Reiki cleanses toxins, eases stress, trauma and shock by calming the body. It promotes vitality and allows the body to heal itself. Reiki induces feelings of well-being, relaxation and increase of energy.