How to Balance Chakras

Many who are familiar with chakra system or at least have heard about chakra system will know how important it is to have healthy chakras for our overall well-being. Unfortunately, the ever changing life style brings a lot of new stressors that can block normal energy flow in our chakra system which in turn will have negative impact on all levels of our being. The question than becomes how we can insure that our chakras are balanced. While there are many different ways to heal and balance our chakra system in this article I will introduce the reiki chakra balancing.

Before we introduce the technique of reiki chakra balancing it is important to understand what is reiki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is system of laying-on the hands or the technique for stress reduction and relaxation that than promotes the healing. This system is based on the use of unseen universal life force energy that brings about healing on all levels of existence: physical, mental and emotional. So, the body, mind and the spirit are being healed. The system was introduced in Japan 1922 by its founder Dr. Mikao Usui.

If compared to other similar energy healing arts reiki differs for this energy is believed to has its own intelligence and knows exactly where to go and what to do. In addition the reiki practitioner doesn’t use his own energy but rather universal life force energy or how many refer to it „spiritually guided life force energy“.

So, how to balance chakras?

One of the most known techniques in the reiki practice is so called full body treatment which usually consist of twelve main positions. These hand positions depending on reiki style usually follow the location of the seven main chakras so that this alone ensures that our main chakras are supplied with balancing and healing energy.

However, it is possible to have more targeted work on chakras so that we can work on each single chakra and balance its both aspects, receiving and giving. This is very easily done by reiki.

In addition, it is very good practice to balance seven main chakras daily to ensure we are always balanced and centered. This is very easily done with reiki by paring the chakras. There are few methods in use but all come down to holding one had one one chakra and the other hand on the other chakras. The matching pattern may vary from practitioner to practitioner but usually it starts by paring the highest with the lowest chakra. So the sixth chakra is paired with first, fifth with second and fourth with third.

Chakra Balancing┬ápresents very simple yet very effective and important „tool“,especially if we discover that one or more of our chakras are weak or blocked, that if used regularly could improve the qualityy of our life significantly.