How to Choose a Reiki Massage Table

The word „Reiki“ actually translates to „Universal Life Force Energy“. Reiki healing is the usage of spiritual energy to heal a person’s aura or situation where the therapist will working onto the 7 chakra or energy in our body to balance and promote spiritual and physical well being.

Having reiki massage table is important to get the maximum benefit to the client and easier the therapist to work during the session. Numerous reiki massage tables for sale are available in the market; however we need to be careful and smart to select the right choice.

Here the tips how to choose the reiki massage table:

1. Choose the material used either metal or wood. Metal creates a circuit and charges Reiki around the table while wood absorbs energy with gentler vibration.

2. Ask the expert and do research. The best way that you could see the same reiki massage table where you also could try and see all the features. Check with the practitioner either they feel comfortable to use it, how to clean it, and all the features provided.

3. Long term plan. If you may plan to have bigger business you may need more than one table. Having wood or metal reiki massage table could be the choice to get the different of both

4. Choose either fix or portable tables. If you use permanently in one place to do this practice then fix reiki massage table will be the first choice, however if you need to move often due you also doing on call treatment where you should travel from one place to others, you will need a good portable one which lighter, easy to set up and folded back, and strong.

5. Get a good deal. Search online or if any promotion available when you decided to purchase the table. There are affordable price of reiki massage table [] with the good quality and brands. Get the clear details with shipping, warranty, and if any tax applied.

6. Get the size of the table which suit for all your clients.

7. The reiki treatment, therapist will spend most time sitting at someone’s head of feet. Get the reiki massage table where you have open space for the knees to fit.

8. Check out the headrest. If you find a great deal and the headrest doesn’t have much padding or adjustment options, you can easily buy a separate headrest and padded cover to attach to your table. Just make sure it will fit the dimensions, since some tables are designed differently. If you are starting a professional practice, it is important that the headrest is adjustable.

9. Reiki table manufactures also provide the complete table equipment such as headrest, bolster, and covers. You may need to buy the complete packages so all will fit in.

Once again fit all the massage table with your needs, whether it will you use by your self or even your company, selecting the right one will benefit you maximum.