How To Cleanse Your Room With Reiki

In time, your room and your house may acquire some lower vibration energies. These can stay behind after guests have left, or perhaps you bring them in from outside.

Even if you do aura cleansing exercises for yourself, these vibes tend to the stick around the room longer.

Here are some steps to bring the love and light energy back to your room or house.

Step 1. Stand, sit in lotus position, or in a position that you’re comfortable with, in the center of the room. Breathe in, breathe out, and relax.

Step 2. Intend, or say to yourself, I will now clean this room and bring about the tranquility and the joy and the love.

Step 3. Start the flow of Reiki, and imagine it swipe the entire room floor, the walls, the ceiling, clearing away any negativity and leaving the areas covered in white or golden light. If some areas draw more energy, let it flow there. Continue for a few minutes, or until your intuition tells you to move to the next step.

Step 4. If possible, physically go to each corner of the room, and place a Reiki ball of energy there. In a standard room, you’ll have eight corners and eight energy balls. Intend that the energy from these balls will flow into the room whenever needed.

If you cannot physically access all corners, „throw“ the energy balls, intending that they „land“ in the corners.

Step 5. Draw a Power Symbol on the door, and on each window, for protection.

Step 6. Return to the center of the room, and pay attention to your intuition – it may tell you what to send and where. If you receive any signal, draw or send the required symbol to that place. Otherwise, just send more energy for a short while.

Step 7. Intend, or say to yourself, This room is now filled with love and light, and the spirit of peace dwells here.

Step 8. Ground yourself and complete the session.

This exercise can easily take 30 minutes or more, but if you don’t have that much time, you can do a shorter version, either by going through the steps faster, or by skipping some steps, like step 4.

Remember to get creative and adjust the steps to best suite your style. Also, burning some incense, sage, or other essences will enhance or complement the effect of Reiki.

A clear and friendly environment helps to make you feel good on the inside too.