How to Do Reiki Healing

Reiki, which is a Japanese word pronounced as ‚ray key‘, means universal life force. Reiki healing is basically a way of therapy in which energy is passed from the universal life force through the hands of the practitioner to the body of the patient, with the intention to heal the patient’s ailment.

This practice is based on the belief of Reiki practitioners that relates all forms of disease both mental and physical occur as a result of the subtle energies within ourselves becoming out of order or imbalanced. These subtle energies are located in centers along the spine and they are known more commonly as chakras. Reiki natural healing intends to set these energy centers aligned so as to re-establish the energy flow to ease the body and the mind from the stresses of disease.

In traditional face to face Reiki natural healing, the patient is asked to lie down and the practitioner places his or her hands over certain parts of the patient’s body. The hands may or may not touch the patient’s body. The intention is to put the patient as ease as some patients may not feel comfortable being touched. The important point to mention here is that Reiki works regardless of touch. Patients who have undergone such treatments have reported of a sense of warmth or tingling sensations in the areas being treated even in cases when the practitioner’s hands do not touch the body.

The Reiki practitioner’s hands are usually placed for about three to five minutes over each position before moving on to the next position. There is a precise way to do this which is why this healing art must be learned. Some healers place their hands on certain fixed positions while others may use their intuition to figure out which parts of the patient’s body might be in need of energy and treatment. In typical cases, a single session lasts between forty five and ninety minutes. In cases of chronic or more serious ailments, three more sessions are recommended and these should take place typically at intervals of between one to seven days.

It has been reported that immediately after a session, the patient usually feels very relaxed, both physically and mentally. This may be the first sign of the energy channels opening to allow for an easier flow.

The Reiki healer will suggest the amount of sessions according to what he ’senses‘ but it is ultimately up to the patient, how he’s feeling and his progression to decide on the amount of treatments he wants to receive. 

It is also important to mention that in order for a Reiki natural healing treatment to be effective, the patient and the healer must work together with the same goal in mind. This is accomplished through open communication and the willingness of the patient to let Reiki or universal life energy ‚in‘. This has nothing to do with belief and/or faith. Reiki works regardless; however, when the patient is willing to receive Reiki, the results are more dramatic.