How to Heal Your Chakras With Reiki

Did you know that many of you may be sick or having problems in your life, because one or more of your chakras are not working to their full potential. These chakras can cause problems and sickness if they are blocked.

There are 7 major chakras and many minor ones located in the ertheric double energy twin of the physical body, located one above the physical body. They are spinning cone shaped energy transformers, that bring life force/Ki energy from the earth or the heavens to the physical human or animal body. There is a physical and spiritually connection to each chakra.

So what happens if one of the chakra became blocked. That part of your body and the organs in that part of the body are not receiving their full dose of the life force energy. Not receiving enough of this energy can start to cause problems or sickness in your life. These problems could be physical or spiritual ones.

Now there is a simple way of getting these energy transformers back to their full potential and keep them there. It’s Reiki Usui or Kundalini type or some of the other types associated with the chakras. By learning and getting attuned to the Reiki,you can remove the blocks to the chakra in a very easy way. In some cases just receiving the Reiki attunements alone will remove the blocks from the chakra opening both the chakra and the channel the Ki/life force energy travels though.

And than use the Reiki often will keep the chakras and the energy channels open. Yes, it is that simple to open and clear your chakras and to keep yourself healthy. Please check out my Reiki website to get answers to your questions.