How to Pick a Reiki Massage Table

Since Reiki is all about energy choosing the wrong kind of Reiki Massage Table will result in negative energy and in a poor Reiki or massage therapy session for client. Choosing a Reiki table is a little different than choosing a traditional massage table and you need to be aware of the energy and tone that will result from the table choice.

In order to prevent any negative energy from overshadowing the session many massage therapists who also perform Reiki choose tables that are made from eco-friendly materials and are put together by hand instead of in a factory. These types of tables can be more expensive than traditional tables but many practitioners feel the extra cost is worth it.

Finding a Reiki Massage Table that is made from environmentally friendly materials can be difficult, since many companies don’t tell potential customers where their materials come from or where the items are assembled. You may need to do some legwork of your own to find a source of truly environmentally friendly tables but if you are a Reiki practitioner as well as a massage therapist and maintaining positive energy flow is important to you then the extra work will pay off in the end.

In order to find out where the materials that go into the massage table are coming from you will probably need to call the manufacturer directly and ask. Some companies that specialize in creating tables and gear for Reiki and massage practitioners will tell potential customers in their product descriptions where the materials come from so that Reiki massage therapists will feel good about purchasing their products. There are companies that specialize in creating environmentally friendly massage therapy products so that therapists who place a high value on living and working in an environmentally friendly way know that their products are manufactured in line with their beliefs.

Finding a Reiki Massage Table may take a little extra effort but the benefits that will come with having an environmentally friendly massage friendly will make the extra effort worth it. Clients will be effected by your choice, and clients who rely on Reiki and massage to heal and to relax will appreciate that you took the time and put in the effort to find a massage table that fits into your practice and beliefs. That will help you build up a strong and loyal customer base that can lead to your business to new levels of success.