How to Use Reiki for Distance Healing

Reiki has symbols you can use – just a handful, for various specific things. And one of those things is to send healing energy to someone over a distance. So, when my friend’s heart used to race and she’d get palpitations, I’d grab a teddy bear and hold my hands in certain patterns you learn over the bear and breath. Her heart would calm, and she’s two states away!

I believe it’s the same with prayer, which has been scientifically shown to help speed healing. Energy is sent out into the universe; with Reiki it is specifically sent out with an intention to heal or be used for good. So, if the person doesn’t want the energy, it just goes into the energy field as good vibes, in a sense.

Whether it’s the use of the distance healing symbol, or the stand in for the person, I have found it very effective. An alternate method is to make the person about a foot high in your mind and work on their body in thirds with your hands molded in front of you. I like the touch method much better and although some people just use their thigh to work on, I was taught not to do that. Because it would dilute or affect the energy sending.

This brings up an interesting point. Some people don’t want to be „healed.“ It’s a controversial issue, but Louise Haye was the first one to write about it, I think. And Caroline Myss wrote in the „Anatomy of the Spirit,“ that we as a society lead with our wounds. It’s how we relate, how we establish connection and commonality.

In that sense, Reiki is really revolutionary, too; because there is a symbol for mental and emotional healing and before you use it, you are taught to silently ask the person if they want you to do this. And Reiki came into being about 100 years ago, so this idea was inspired!

Of course you can just actually ask them – but if you ask silently and listen to your gut in the silence, you get an answer. It would probably be much more difficult for an actual person to say, nah, I love my „issues,“ leave them be!

In Reiki more than in any other modality, there is a total gentleness and respect for the person receiving Reiki’s wellbeing. That’s why it is one of my favorite forms of hands on healing – even when my hands are on a teddy bear!

One of the precepts of Reiki is that of energy exchange. You’ve spent time in Reiki classes, either paid a set fee or a love offering, you’re taking time to do the healing work and there is always balance in the universe. So how does the recipient of the energy pay you back? Money is actually a symbol for energy – the person worked for the money, or along the way someone did, so money is a common form of energy exchange we all recognize. And yet, can you justify charging say – $75 an hour for your time to give Reiki to someone who makes $10 an hour? If you do are you saying, well I’m worth 6.5x what you are?

So, in the pursuit of balance and giving, sometimes there is just giving, a form of tithing or paying it forward. And sometimes there is a barter exchanged. And all times, when we give we receive. Ultimately, we are all gifts from and to the universe. I hope your loved ones feel your gift today!