Is Reiki Distance Attunement For You?

Reiki Distance Attunement is a very powerful way to access the power of Energy Healing.  No longer only available to those who can find instructors within commuting distance, or those with the money to pay the sometimes outrageous fees, anyone with an internet connection, the desire, and the commitment to invest a little time and a few dollars can start tapping into this infinite power  within forty eight hours.

Reiki is a Japanese word that is most commonly translated as „the Universal and Holy, Spiritually Conscious, that energizes and animates all living things.

The practice  is a gentle but powerful system of Energy Healing.

No special tools or intelligence or prerequisites are required to be able to do this work.  This is because it is not learned in the „Normal“ conscious left brain way.

Instead, the ability to work with Reiki is transferred to you by a  Master during a  Initiation Ceremony.

Not only that, this ceremony does not have to take place when you and the  Master are in the same physical location.

Reiki Distance Attunement ceremonies are becoming more and more common with the ever increasing availability of computers and the miracle of the internet.

Which is a wonderful thing, because the more people who have the ability to utilize Energy Healing for their own benefit, as well as the benefit of others, the more peace and health and joy there will be in the world.

Which is a really important, especially in this time  when so many are struggling with so much.

Don’t you agree?