Is Reiki Safe?

That is a question that gets asked a lot.

Yes, Reiki is safe!

Looking at it in its most basic form, Reiki is merely resting your hands upon another person,

It is noninvasive.

It is considered by some to be massage but you do not move your hands, you rest them on different parts of the body and let God’s Energy flow through you. It is that Energy that massages the person you are resting your hands on not your hands.

When a Reiki Master uses Reiki on another, the energy flows only when it needs to and only where it needs to! Reiki is healing Energy coming from the Divine Source, from God.

It can do no harm.

You don’t even have to believe in Reiki for Reiki to work!

Traditionally the Reiki Master will start a session by placing the hands on the crown of the head of the person they are working with. I do this and close my eyes, check to see if I can feel anything or see anything.

Sometimes you will get what could be called visions. It could be of an imaginary place or scene, it could be of something that the person under your hands has experienced. Sometimes the image is vague other times very vivid.

You can tell the person you are working on what you see or you may choose to keep it to yourself.

If it is a beautiful scene I share it, if not I patiently wait for the vision to fade.

There will be times when the person you are working on will become overwhelmed with emotion as the Reiki Energy does its thing!

They may start sobbing or fell giddy or anything in between, by all means let them know that they can express whatever they are feeling!

I tend to keep my hands in that position until my field of vision is filled with the corresponding color of the chakra I am resting my hands on.

You don’t need to concern yourself with where the energy is flowing to, just let it flow!

If you are working on the throat and the energy is needed in the knees, it will go there first and foremost!

Reiki helps to balance the body, to heal the body.

Some think that they are healers when they become Reiki Masters.

Please keep in mind, it is God’s Energy flowing through you, you are just a conduit!

Keep yourself humble.

You are only laying on your hands and letting God do the work!

Your hands are empty and your fingers closed.

God is the surgeon and a most loving and kind one. When you channel God’s Loving Reiki Energy through you, it can do no harm, it can only serve the greatest good!