Is There a Free Reiki Master Attunement?

While individual masters may be happy to offer a free Reiki Master attunement to family or friends, it is customary to charge a fee for attunements.

Beginning with Usui Mikao, the founder of the Reiki healing style, various fees have been attached to healing and training. Attunements are a major part of the Reiki training process.

Because of a question from a reader, I did an internet search for a free Reiki Master attunement. The internet has become my primary source for information.

If you belong to a Reiki group, society or club, you may have options that I do not, since I don’t belong to any group. This article is written for people like me, attempting to learn on their own, at their own pace, in the privacy of their own homes.

I first learned about the healing chakras many years ago from a library book. At that time, the internet was something that my son used to play games. I went to the library and read books. Today, I look everything up on the internet. I love the public libraries, but I haven’t checked out a book in years. It’s just easier to stay at home, saves time and gas.

So, when I got a question about a free Reiki Master attunement, I went to Yahoo and did a search. I have already received a Reiki Master attunement. Although it wasn’t free, it was a reasonably priced e-book. So, I wasn’t searching for myself, just hoping to help others. Here’s what I found.

The Reiki Asia website advertises free Reiki distance training. Sadly, only the advertisement is in English, the rest of the site is in a language (looks Indonesian) with which I am unfamiliar.

I went back to the search engine and clicked on another site that seemed more promising. The site advertises a free Reiki master attunement with any purchase of $55 or more, but all of the links for more information led to a „site temporarily disabled“ page…back to the search box.

The next site was a Reiki forum with information, opinions and experiences from people who practice Reiki. It showed up in the results of my search because of a page that promises a free Reiki Master attunement, but it’s a joke. At the next site, the words, „free Reiki master attunement“, were inserted randomly into a posting that made very little sense, even though it was written in English. I think it was probably a site solely designed to display Google ads.

That site, several other forums and another site that was all ads completed the two pages of results that the search engine kicked back. I didn’t want to say it without doing the research first, but there really is no free Reiki Master attunement. There are courses and reasonably priced e-books, as I mentioned before, but if you want to learn and you don’t have a close friend who is also a Reiki Master, then you are going to have to pay.