Learning Reiki – Attunement

Learning Reiki is a spiritual process. If you learn Reiki, it is there with you for the rest of the life. You do not forget it ever. One attunement brings all that you need but additional attunements bring more refinements in the Reiki learning. Learning Reiki also stimulates the inner intuition, awareness and other inner abilities within a person.

When you start learning Reiki, you are supposed to prepare yourself for the attunement. There are certain rules that are to be followed when you start learning the process of the Reiki. First of all you are supposed to refrain from eating meat, fish etc before attunement. These foodstuffs frequently hold drugs in the form of penicillin and pesticides that make your system lethargic and throw it out of balance. You are supposed to have a water or juice fast. Do not take alcohol before you take attunement. You are supposed to minimize sweets and chocolates before you start learning Reiki. You should try meditation before you start learning Reiki. Do not keep feelings like anger, fear, jealousy, hate, worry etc in your mind.

When you learn Reiki, the preachers to heal the people who are having a particular ailment guide you. Once you have learned the healing technique of Reiki, the work begins. Reiki it is a fine idea to dedicate time to customary practice, find a helpful teacher and practice group and follow ongoing study. Make sure that you practice Reiki properly so that your practice can be raised in an atmosphere that makes your power of healing more and more effective.