Learning Reiki Online – It Can Be Done!

Flim-flam comes in many guises, and all those guises have been used in order to sell products via the Internet. But one area of human spirituality and energy-based healing that has been keeping pace with the times, and changing its methods and techniques to keep with new and greater demands, is reiki healing. This article on learning Reiki online will sift through the chaff and guide you to the facts, rather than the myths about Reiki that abound on the Internet.

First, let us take a look at what the essence of reiki is, as against how it has been portrayed. Reiki is based on spiritual energy, as stated by the originator of the method, Misao Usui himself. Reiki masters state that they can utilize the energy latent in the atmosphere, and guide it through their hands into a patient’s or sufferer’s body. By ’syncing‘ the energy centers (see below) of a person’s body, reiki practitioners realign their ‚ki‘ essences and thereby reduce pain. The basis of reiki, a Buddhist philosophy, is the idea that human beings possess certain centers of great energy, called ‚ki‘ centers. If the person’s ‚ki‘ centers are blocked, or misaligned, their energy becomes dammed up, in much the same way as water. Enough blockages will lead to severe constant pain, such as that which arthritics complain about. Taking reiki courses via the Internet can teach you how to remove this blockage. A proficient reiki practitioner can also help alleviate the mood of the sufferer, which further aids in healing them.

At present the huge number of reiki courses available is bewildering for many. In addition, even if people did choose the program they want, they are faced with the problem of choosing the right teacher, and of finding one in the area where they are based. Finding the right teacher can also be expensive, in addition to being horribly time-consuming, and with the hectic pace of life nowadays, who can be bothered to spend the hours and dollars necessary to derive maximum benefit out of face-to-face sittings with a reiki teacher?

The answer to all these problems is: learn reiki online. Online learning is both cheaper and easier than face-to-face classes, and many prominent masters of reiki methods recommend this path for those who cannot make the effort required by reiki master hood. An online reiki course certifies a practitioner to be able to offer reiki-based treatments to other people as well, provided a reiki learner ascends to the required level.

Because reiki is not dependent on the experience level of the user, and since the energy used in reiki is available for all human being, the power of the practitioner is less likely to influence the course, intensity and efficacy of the treatment. So take the plunge. Learn reiki online. Maybe you will find its benevolent rays warming your destiny.