Long Distance Reiki Energy Healing – The Science Behind It

Remote or absent healing is starting to become the new buzzword as the Age of Aquarius is currently on the ascendancy. People are wondering what it is and if distant Reiki energy healing is even possible or is this just some bizarre hocus pocus scam? Some of you might have heard of remote healing while some call it distant healing. Others encounter long distance healing or absent healing but whatever it is, they all define one thing and serve the same purpose.

The aim of remote or absent healing is to provide an individual a holistic wellness with a natural and gentle style that can go in combination with medicine. It is considered to be an alternative method to medicine even without the presence of the healer or healing from a distance.

How does Remote or Distance Healing really work?

Our physical bodies naturally emit an abundance of energy. For a basic explanation, our body is made up of different levels or fields of energy that intertwine and work together. Our energy system is made up of the following:

1. Aura or what they call the energy fields – this is the receiver and transmitter of energy from both internal and external environment and at the same time acts as the information center of our body in terms of energy.

2. Chakras or simply known as the energy centers – energies that have been received are broken down here.

3. Meridians or the energy pathways – the broken down energies are now distributed through the pathways.

One would also better appreciate the process if they become aware of the different energy layers in our body or also known as 4 levels of our being which functions differently from each other:

1. Etheric field – the first layer of energy that is linked to the „physical“ and that which makes up ¼ to 2 inches from the body;

2. Emotional field – associated with feelings and energy extends from 1 to 3 inches deep through our physical body;

3. Mental field – connected with the mental processes and our thoughts that goes through 3 to 8 inches beyond our physical body; and,

4. Spiritual field – the most complex of all because it is made up of more layers that help us achieve spiritual dimensions. This becomes possible as one prays or meditates.

To enhance all these fields for a holistic wellness, remote or distant healing, you can work with an energy healer. When they already have a radiating healing Reiki energy flowing within them, the healers think of the individual that they are going to heal and send Universal Energy to the client, they transmit the energy by releasing it through their hands with the help of the empowering mind. Distance is not a hindrance when it comes to distributing or sending off energy because energy vibrates and travels through anywhere and everywhere.

How Remote Healing works in relation to Time, Space and Energy

Few of us can really understand how one can relate remote or distant healing to time, space and energy – let alone realize how it really works. The reason for this is that we are not aware that each and every one of us is one with the universe. Science can already explain the reason for the success of distant healing using energy, distance and space on the premise that everything is interconnected in this magnificent universe.

Let us take first the example of satellite dishes. Energies are transferred over short or long distances to create or produce signal. In the same way, this principle is used to explain remote and long distance healing. There are different forms of energy as there are different fields of energy within our physical body. Now in healing, an individual’s physical energies can be transferred to another individual to heal any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs or concerns even when they are at ANY distance apart.

Since the discovery of the benefits and effectiveness of remote and distant healing, there have been many scientific studies to determine whether everything is true or just a hoax. One great study of the 20th century led to the discovery and explanation through one field of science – quantum physics. This took place sometime in 1982 where a team of Physicist led by Alain Aspect of the University of Paris performed an experiment. The results turned out that the electrons can immediately link with each other even though at a massive distance away from each other. This just simply states that distance is of no issue when it comes to interconnecting these subatomic particles. This study has even been duplicated and confirmed with the findings of Nicolas Gisan in 1997. He also found out the same result and conclusion that particles in certain circumstances can communicate and interconnect with the speed being 20,000 times faster than the speed of light.

It is with this deeper and scientific understanding that gives us the appreciation that Remote healing is possible because energy is transmitted and received at a distance, near or far, as we are all interconnected.

What are the benefits of Reiki Healing??

Reiki Healing has had a tremendous, great and positive effect on millions of people over the last few years. Those who have been taking Reiki healing sessions or classes – in person with the energy healer or distance healing have claimed that they have felt something different and that changes took place in terms of their total well-being. Obviously, as in any treatment there are different experiences and effects to each individual client as they have different concerns or needs to be healed.

Remote healing does not only work with one specific aspect of an individual but it also provides improvement on the other areas as well – it should be noted that energy healing does work at healing the root of the problem, not just the symptoms. Aside from having some relief from any stress and ailments, individuals also feel a lighter and relaxed state of being. There is more to having a healthy body in long distance healing, it gives them the opportunity to become aware with their inner self and eventually have a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction thus leading to a renewed, rejuvenated and inspired individual reaching a level of bliss – and, enlightenment.

Other positive effects of remote healing include clarity, concentration, stress management, creativity, empowerment, awareness, pleasure, mood enhancement and vitality. In other words, people become whole in the sense that there is improvement in all areas of their well-being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.