Permission for Energy Healing

Alternative healing, also known as complementary healing, takes many forms. There are chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, naturopathic practitioners, mind-body therapists, homeopaths and energy healers. Many of these practitioners used more than one alternative modality. Most of these practitioners view the person as a whole, not just a part. They recognize that the person’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves interact with each other. They also know the importance of diet, medication, supplements and thought patterns on the physical body.

Most energy healing is non-invasive and most modalities use nothing more than the hands as an instrument of energy healing. Acupuncture is a major exception to this. Needles are inserted in specific points to change the flow of the energy. Some people say it feels like a mosquito bite, but, from personal experience, that depends upon how balanced your energy is. There are energy modalities that use crystals, tuning forks and certain technical machines.

I want to write specifically about three hands-on healing methods that use only the hands as the obvious tool or instrument. Prayer, the BodyTalk System and PSYCH-K can be done hands on the body or hands off the body.

Today, most people use prayer for others as a method of distance healing. Sometimes the person being prayed for requests the prayer. At other times, someone else will make the request. There are those who regularly use healing prayer in what is known as the laying on of hands. Sometimes blessed oils are utilized to anoint the person. The earliest Christian tradition of this type of prayer was modeled after Jesus and how he laid hands on people asking for the curing of specific diseases or disorders. There were only a few times recorded when he cured from a distance.

Although the BodyTalk System and PSYCH-K can be done at a distance, most people use it in the office and hands-on the body. PSYCH-K and BodyTalk both do a form of muscle testing or kinesiology to ascertain the priority of what needs to be addressed. For PSYCH-K, the permissions and commitment for the process is related to beliefs needing to be balanced so that the individual will experience greater ease and freedom in their lives.

BodyTalk, which is a much more involved process, does muscle testing to be sure the client and practitioner are open and ready to the process. As in the other two methods of energy healing, the client needs to be open to receive. The BodyTalk practitioner then uses muscles testing to gather information from the consciousness of the body itself as to what it is that needs to be balanced first.

By obtaining permission from all parties involved, the results are stronger than when there is no permission.