Raku Kei Reiki – The Way of the Fire Dragon

Raku Kei Reiki was first brought to the western countries by Mr. Arthur Robertson, who has studied Reiki with some of the most recognized Reiki masters on this planet.

The word Reiki comes originally from the words Raku and Kei. Here I will explain you a little bit on what this form of Reiki is all about and hopefully it will help you to learn a bit more about Reiki treatments.

In Raku Kei Reiki the Raku is the vertical energy flow within the body, while the Kei energy will flow in a horizontal manner. These two energy flows will then cross at the Hara centre, which is at the Solar Plexus centre.

The Solar Plexus centre is the one which was cut out during the ritual Samurai Hara Kin. It is like this that the Samurai would cut out the „centre of his being“ by the implementation of three sacred cuts in the form of a triangle, which is the symbol of manifestation.

You can sometimes hear Raku Kei Reiki being called as the way of the fire dragon. Now this isn’t the official name for this form of Reiki but sometimes it is used and it is just fine to do so. This name have taken some footing because for many centuries the eastern belief systems have linked the dragon to the mental of the nature of the people. The key point is that if you are able to master the dragon, it equals to mastering your mind and that is the ultimate goal for many of us. The dragons have always been seen as extremely powerful figures, which have frightened the weaker people but on the other hand they have been a huge inspiration for the leaders.

As you can probably tell by from what you have read, Raku Kei Reiki is a very fascinating form of Reiki. Many people have studied it and they have been absolutely amazed by it.