Reiki – Associations

Reiki is an old curative art that is being practiced since thousands of years. In the middle of 1800’s a religious man, Mikao Usui revealed Reiki while meditatating at one of the blessed peaks, close to the town of Kyoto. Dr. Usui quickly established curative centers in Tokyo where he shaped the three degrees of training of this healing art. The word Reiki is formed by the combination of two Japanese words. The first part of the word is ‚Rei‘, which has the meaning higher power or the God’s power. The second part of the word is Ki, which means life force energy. Hence the meaning is Reiki is life force energy that is guided by the Almighty.

Reiki is a healing art that is said to make use of the cosmos energies to cure from the inside out. Reiki is not only effective on the bodily levels but also very effective on the emotional, psychological, and divine levels. Reiki cures by chanelling universal energy to pour from ones body, freeing from limitations, obstructions or nonconstructive energy. This lets the life force energy to pour in a vigorous, balanced, and natural way. Reiki is an astonishing remedial method that everybody can learn, a superb bequest that permits us to reconnect with others and ourselves in a cozy and loving way.

Since its founder Mikao Usui discovered it, Reiki has flourished. There are number of forms of Reiki that are prevalent these days, all of which cover the psyche, corpse and saintly associations as Usui did. There are number of Reiki associations that are present all over the world which teach Reiki in different forms and also give the treatment of Reiki.

One of the most famous associations of Reiki is World Reiki association. It was started in the year 2002. It is considered to be one of the biggest communities of healers, preachers and students that work together to heal the people with the art of Reiki. The world Reiki association enrolls members those are interested in learning Reiki and clients who want to get them treated with the wonderful energies of Reiki.

Then there is an International association of Reiki professionals. This Reiki association works to promote Reiki all over the world. International association of Reiki has thousands of members in more than fifty countries all over the globe. This association has members who are Reiki practitioners, Reiki masters, and any one who knows how to practice Reiki and also others who are interested in learning Reiki

Australian Reiki association was formed in the year 1997 and is Australia’s leading Reiki association. The members of Australian Reiki association are committed towards teaching the techniques of Reiki and healing through this sacred art. This association also does research and grants fellowships.

Another famous Reiki association is the Canadian Reiki association. It is an association that teaches different styles of Reiki. The best feature of this association is that it believes in equality of all forms of Reiki arts and does not promote one single form of Reiki form. It teaches many forms of Reiki and respects all forms equally.