Reiki Attunement – Welcome to the World of Reiki

Learning Reiki is so fascinating process. With each new step we discover more about ourselves, about the life itself and of course about the world of reiki. But how it all starts? How one start his or her journey into this amazing world of reiki. Well, that is exactly what this article is about.

What is reiki attunement?

You might already have heard about the reiki attunement and have ever since wonderedd what it really is and what happens during the attunementprocess.. The reiki learning process is a little bit different than we could expect it from common sense of the word „learning“. Access to reiki is gained through so called reiki attunement or initiation process. This is ceremony in which reiki teacher performs pre-set number of positions which can varie between different reiki styles. There are several types of reiki attunements:

  • Attunement in person
  • Attunement via absent reiki or distant attunement
  • Self attunement

Let’s now look into each one of these:

Reiki attunement in person

This is probably most known type of reiki attunements. As the word itself implies reiki student will attend „life“ reiki 1 seminar which is usually done in two days (but can vary depending on reiki style and reiki teacher). Ones the administrative task is out of way teacher usually introduce the class and give opportunity to all student to say few words about themselves and what they expect from this class. Also if there are some questions they are answered.

This is great opportunity for both the student and the reiki teacher to clear the reasons why one wants to receive reiki attunement. It is expected that reiki teacher will advise student if he was mislead that he would become immortal or holly as the result of reiki attunement.

It is common that during reiki 1 attunement reiki student receives four attunements spread over two days. This of course varies from teacher to teacher. Each attunement last fro about 15-20 minutes. During the attunement student sits comfortable in the chair, keeps his/her eyes closed and other than that isn’t required to do anything else. Some teachers recommend some preparation regime such as but reiki attunement will work without that as well.

Distant or absent reiki attunement

Distant attunement is viable option to in person attunement but the opinion about it varies among reiki teacher and goes anywhere from simply dismissal to full acceptance. Some of the reason against say that student misses the opportunity to have first hand experience and of course ask the question he/she might have. This of course if valid objection but thanks to today technologies this seems almost to be obsolete. In addition most if not all reiki teacher who offered distant attunements are accessible either via e-mail or even more popular via Skype.

The technical aspect of distant attunement itself is the same as attunement in person and it is done via absent reiki (using the symbols for distant reiki). Student and teacher would set the time for this attunement and student would ensure that he/she is not disturbed during this process. Usually reiki student will receive some material before the attunement process itself so he/she can read about that and ask the question before the attunement process itself. I was on both end of distant attunement and know for sure that it works.

Reiki self attunement

This kind of reiki attunement is rather little bit controversial to say the last. Many reiki teachers flatly dismiss it while others are open for the possibility that it might work.

The system itself is based on empowering the student to believe in his/her own abilities and power to take charge of his or her life. No need to have guru who will tell you if you are ready or not. In addition this system attunes all the chakras and not only two as most of other reiki styles do so this is more powerful attunement. So, yes this is totally different type of attunemetnt that in my opinion will change the way Reiki is thought. And yes, this is very effective attunement.

The attunement itself is also based on the power of intention and water. Yes, the water. Water has the ability to accept, store and transfer information. Reiki student will prepare and carry out the self attunement ceremony. He/she will get all she needs to carry out this type of attunement.