Reiki Bowl

When I received my first Reiki attunement my teacher shared with me about using a Reiki Bundle or Reiki Bowl. It’s a very simple, easy way to help friends, family, and those in need of healing beyond the typical intensity. Very simply write a person’s name on a slip of paper. I use a small paper (small sticky notes work great) of a healing color, such green, lavender and sometimes yellow.

As with all healing, our intent is of supreme importance, so the color is optional to you. Put the various paper’s with names in a special place. It can be on your altar, dresser, desk, counter, window sill; mine sits on my piano.

For your container, use any special bowl, dish or holder you desire. A fun way to choose is to go to your cupboard and cabinets with your intent of asking guidance for a special receptacle for Reiki names. When something catches your eye, pick it up for a few seconds, feeling the sensation it emotes to your hands. When it feels right, that’s your pick! Make it a fun game of „warmer or cooler“ that we played when we were children to find a hidden object. I began with a small crystal jelly dish that belonged to my grandmother.

I now have a special Reiki bowl given to me by my very dear friend. My friend’s granddaughter gave birth to a premature, tiny baby boy, weighing only about two pounds at birth. His life was fragile and he spent many weeks tenaciously holding to this life.

I began sending daily distance Reiki healing to the little guy. His grandmother would call me several times during the week to give me up-dates as to his condition. We both just kept seeing him healthy and whole. As the weeks passed I came to know Landon, sensing a real connection with him. Several months of surgeries and procedures during which time I continued his distance Reiki until he was finally ready to go home with his Mom and Dad. As a special gift to me (as if his beautiful energy weren’t enough) my girlfriend gave me a beautiful wooden bowl with hand painted design.

Initially I set the Reiki attunement symbols while holding the bowl in my hands. Now each time during the day when I pass my bowl, I send a quick Reiki Power Symbol to it. It’s amazing how many people ask me to put their loved ones in my bowl. Visitors to my home, students and clients often ask to add names for distance healing. Periodically I strengthen the energy by sending all four symbols over the bowl and names within. It’s so easy in our busy lives to send that power symbol on its way.

A further note – I tell every one that feedback is appreciated. As you receive confirmation of healing you can remove their name, again, doing so as you feel led to do so. About once or twice a month I go through the papers and just ask God if they can be taken out or should they remain? The answer is clear and timely.