Reiki Certification Online – Home Reiki Certificate

It is becoming more and more common for healers to be acquiring their Reiki Certification online (using the internet). It’s amazing how technology can create new opportunities, even in the field of energy healing. Completing a Reiki Certification Online can be just as inspiring and educational as completing it in person. Plus, there are some real benefits such as with cost, time, schedule, and other things that explain why it is becoming the new way of reaching Reiki Master Level 3.

The first and most obvious benefit is convenience. You will have the ability to study wherever and whenever you like! This is a factor that is really important because of our busy lives. If you were to do your certification in a class, then you would be obligated to a schedule, and also to go to the school for each class. This isn’t so bad for some, but most of us like to keep our freedom to make our own schedules, and take the extra time to finish if we need to.

Another huge benefit to getting your Reiki Certification online is that it will cost you significantly less than doing a local class, and lately everyone is trying to save a bit of cash where they can. Usually a Reiki Class for just Level 1 can be between $150 and $200 dollars, where as you can do your whole Reiki Mastery up to Level 3 for about $100 or slightly less. I think that this is a fair price being as the teacher doesn’t have to put in as much work, but if it cost any less than a hundred dollars, I would wonder if the site was legitimate.

Here are some resources to help you get started to do your Reiki Certification online. There is this website that has a good reputation (even though the graphics might look a bit old) and I know they are still up and running, certifying at least a few people a week using their online resources. You can sign up for their course at their website, their homepage is The Reiki Store.

Also, as supporting evidence, I have also included a link to another website who supports The Reiki Store, and recommend their course for people who want to get a Reiki Certification online. If you aren’t sure about starting with the Reiki Store and need a recommendation, then you can check this out at Mental Wellness Resources.

Good luck with the course and enjoy your Attunement! Feeling the power of the Master Attunement can be the most exciting part of taking a Reiki Certification course. And in closing, God bless you for your choice to become a healer and spread the positive energy to people in a world that so desperately needs it!