Reiki Certification – Tips and Benefits of Becoming Certified

First and foremost, lets briefly cover what Reiki is for those who might not be sure, before getting into the benefits of having a Reiki Certification. Reiki is a therapeutic touch healing modality which focuses on hand placements, on or above the surface of the body for increased vitality, energy, pain relief, and increased overall awareness – both physical and psychological. Reiki is constantly growing in popularity for its constant effectiveness, and the ease at which it can be learned and practiced.

Completing a Reiki Certification holds many positive benefits, especially considering how easy it is to get started. Firstly, you will have a new ability to bring healing and restoration to the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of yourself, and those around you: friends, family, acquaintances etc. Secondly, with a Reiki Certification, you will have a new opportunity to legally begin practicing Reiki as a small business. Most people begin casually, as one must always be careful not to put „all their eggs in one basket“. Starting a Reiki Practice slowly ensures that you can build a client base, and build your own experience, then increase your rates accordingly. Most people start their Reiki practice with no fixed rates, simply for the sake of building their experience. Over time you will have the ability to predict and depend on when and how many clients you can handle, as well as having return and regular clients who become good acquaintances over time.

Ultimately the highest benefits you will find from working through a Reiki Certification is in yourself, as you grow as a person both spiritually, physically, and emotionally, as well as engaging in a highly positive community activity. People need each other, this is ultimately the truth and is often forgotten in the fast pace of North America. Completing a Reiki Certification can be a way to help yourself and others slow down, take time to reflect, and get past all the fuss of materialism and start to really move deeper inside – understanding the parts of life that really matter.

To get started in Reiki, the first step is to find a credible and affordable school that is willing to certify you. Because a Reiki Certification does not require any prerequisite credentials, there has been a recent appeal and growing popularity for getting a Reiki Certification online (through the internet). Getting a Reiki Certification Online is ultimately the easiest, most cost effective, and time efficient way to get started. A recommended price would ideally be around $100, much more and you might be giving away your money (considering that an online certification does not demand as much as a class based certification). If you are paying less than about $100, you might wonder about the quality, or promises being made by your instructor on the other side.