Reiki Courses Online – Are They a Rip Off?

If you are exploring Reiki courses online, the concern about scams always comes to mind. In the offline world, you get to see what you are buying. You can meet the master, and talk to him or her. You can see a physical facility. You can judge how busy the reception area is. You can see how satisfied other customers are. You can even approach some of them and talk to them. Many people have concerns about Reiki courses online, because they feel there is more of a leap of faith involved. After all, it could be a big scam.

There are many Reiki courses online which have great reputations, and which provide excellent Reiki training, with thousands of satisfied users. These are an excellent solution for home study at your own pace. Many people would not have had the time to master Reiki if these courses had not been available. But how do you identify these from the crowd? How to you separate these from the so-so courses that also exist? Remember there are bad offline courses also, so this should be a concern even if you are not considering Reiki courses online.

Reiki Courses Online – How to Pick an Excellent Course

1. Check out the Reiki Master: Take a look at the Reiki master who created the course. How much experience do they have? Do they have a physical practice as well? How many students have they trained?

2. Support: Does the program offer online support? Is there a forum where you can connect with other students and masters? This can be really valuable, and can give you access to more people than you would encounter in a physical class. Many people don’t realize this benefit and assume that an online course is a more solitary and isolated process. It can be if you want it to be, but it can also be more social and more engaging than a physical course.

3. Attunement: Distance attunement and self attunement are fully accepted as an integral part of Reiki. Some people prefer one over the other. So it stands to reason that if you prefer distance attunement over self attunement, you should choose a Reiki course online that offers distance attunement. Check out the types of attunement they offer.

4. Certification: Does the course offer certification, and what type of certification do you get? There are different schools of Reiki, and no real governing body. So make sure you are comfortable with the certifications offered.

5. Materials: What is the format of the materials? Are they audio only? Are manuals and instructional videos included? What are the bonus materials? How many hours or pages of materials?

6. Follow-Up: Is follow-up support available? Do they provide materials to assist you with your own Reiki practice? Only you know the reasons why you are studying or learning Reiki. Make sure the course meets your needs and positions you to get the most benefit and to meet most or all of your objectives.

7. Guarantee: If there is no money-back guarantee, do not purchase the course. This is the best safety net. All of the credible Reiki course online offer full money back guarantees. For up to 60 days! They are confident in their product. They know they will meet your needs. And they are prepared to put their money where there mouth is. They don’t want unhappy customers, and they get enough happy customers to know that they will only have to refund in the rarest of circumstances. Why buy from somebody who doesn’t have that confidence in their product?

These tips can apply even for offline Reiki courses. Reiki courses online are not for everybody, but for many they are the superior solution.