Reiki Distance Healing

Could you imagine being healed without having to go to a doctor? But this is very much possible with Reiki. As Reiki is the flow of healing energies that are Universal, they can be directed to any part of the Universe with the correct intention and this energy reaches out to the person(s) whom they are intended for and perform healing as a bridge between time and space. Reiki energy can also be stored and used later or even sent into the future to be released at a certain time just like a battery would store up energy!

There are various symbols that are used in Reiki practice, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the symbol used for distance/absentee healing and this symbol can act as a special point of focus and combines the power of sacred geometry to hold and send energies over the boundaries of time and space. The distance symbol is considered as the most useful and powerful symbol and this symbol which means ‚No past, no present, no future‘ is often used to heal past life problems too. The Akashic Records or the records of a soul’s life and the karmic deeds and bonds of a lifetime are all stored in a file cabinet that is called the Akashic Records and these sacred records can’t be accessed by anyone at all but they can be tapped into by a Reiki practitioner who has been working with a person can sense the makeup of the person and use this information to bring about healing present life problems that are caused due to past or parallel life karma. Even healing past trauma in the same life is possible with Reiki.

Though each practitioner will have their own methods of performing a distance healing, most like to keep a picture or visualize the person in their mind’s eye and send Reiki energy to the individual. Yet others can work with only a name and a few other vague details. Similarly Reiki can also be used to heal a sick pet or even a dying plant. There is also another method of creating energy grids or crystal energy grids that are used to attract more positive healing energies and then direct them towards the specific purpose for which they have been built, this ensures a constant flow of Reiki energy. Often energy workers are seen setting up healing grids when a disaster or tragedy occurs in the world to send healing energies to the affected or even to heal Mother Earth.

In distance healing the Reiki energy tends to work on the recipient’s subtle body instead of the physical body and thus it works at clearing the chakras and cleansing the aura to bring about a healing that is not just instant but wholesome. Distance/absentee healing can also be used for people who are extremely ill, in the hospital or very aged people incapable of walking etc, Reiki can greatly help in improving their condition, speed up the healing process and help people to age well and lessen the pain of chronic disorders.

Reiki is indeed a versatile and powerful practice that can work without any barriers.