Reiki For Christians?

Many people today, in search of a more natural healing methods, have heard of an ancient healing energy technique called Reiki.

Reiki describes a technique wherein a practitioner lays his or her hands onto a client’s body, while „running energy“ into the client’s energy field. Some of the most well-known and notable benefits of this healing work include: reduced stress, enabling the body to better heal itself on all levels, relaxation, relieving chronic pain, and helping to unblock and release old stuck emotions.

Traditionally, this technique was believed to have originated in Japan approximately 100 years ago, though there is some debate about its specific religious and spiritual beginnings. Some sources claim that Dr. Usui, the traditional founder of Reiki and a Japanese university professor, was Buddhist, while others claim he was Christian, and he was in search of the method by which Jesus did his miracles.

Some of the challenges Christians have had in pursuing this healing method, either as a client or as a practitioner, include the fact that there are no clear, unequivocal guidelines as to how Reiki should be practiced, and therefore it is open to the individual interpretation of each person. This can feel rather threatening, as some Reiki practitioners talk to guides, angels, and spirits, and work with healing energy in a way that seems to violate the beliefs and practices of the modern Bible-believing Christian.

However, I do believe that healing work is a clear mandate from Jesus himself. In John 14:12, we hear Jesus saying, „The person who trusts me will not only do what I’m doing but even greater things, because I, on my way to the Father, am giving you the same work to do that I’ve been doing.“

It is clear that Jesus is indicating that we should follow him in healing ministry–that we should also do what he is doing to heal others through God’s power.

In Matthew chapter 8, we read the story of Jesus healing the leper by giving him a healing touch. The Scripture says, „Jesus reached out and touched him, saying ‚I want to heal you. Be clean.'“

If properly understood, using energy techniques like Reiki can fit very well into helping us fulfill Jesus‘ longer-term earthy mission. I personally prefer letting go totally of the word „Reiki“ since it has so many „eastern“ connotations, and simply calling healing by the laying on of hands „Christian Energy Healing.“

We can call upon the healing energy of the Holy Spirit, or Jesus, and of God the Father, we can lay our hands on ourselves and others, and we can stand in awe at the miraculous power of Christian healing.

Can there be such a thing as „Reiki for Christians?“ I believe so. And it is my hope that many Christians will be able to easily let go of Reiki’s eastern baggage, and will be able to embrace the spiritual healing power of this wonderful God-given healing technique.