Reiki Guides

Reiki is fast gaining popularity as a method for healing and gaining wisdom by connecting forces with the Divine. Reiki can be loosely defined channeling Universal Light for the purpose of healing the self or others. Though the original system of Reiki does not point towards the appearance of spirit guides, many a time this Light also brings with it a spiritual energy in the form of a guide who many call a spirit guide, a Reiki guide or even angelic guides depending on their spiritual inclinations.

A spirit guide is different from a spirit, when you are performing Reiki you are not channeling spirits but because of the high amounts of Spiritual Energy generated that is directed towards a positive purpose like healing, spirits who assist in such purposes may stage an appearance. These spirits are not just spirits invoked in shamanistic rituals but these are spirits who work as guides, advisors or spiritual counselors. The ancient Shinto religion features Divine Spirits called Kami who inhabit this world and are a part of each and every thing in this world like the elements and even intangible qualities like joy, fertility etc. however the system of Reiki started by Dr. Usui Mikao did not include any aspects of Shintoism that had to do with working with these spirits or Kami. Thus even though originally this Japanese tradition did not work with spirit guides, their presence started becoming favorable to the process of Reiki and during the 80’s and the 90’s with the coming of the new-age spiritual revolution, Reiki systems also began incorporating spirit guides often calling them as Reiki guides. However Reiki techniques such as Byosen Ho and Reiji Ho help the practitioner develop intuitive abilities that are a gateway to astral wisdom and connecting with spirit guides.

Though these guides are astral spirits that can be present in a Reiki session and guide a healer to know things about the patient for example, while working with certain patients it may become difficult to figure out the correct approach, work on a specific site of blockage etc and this is where a spirit guide can come in to guide the healer and this in turn boosts the power of Reiki to bring about great results and higher healing.

It is not that an initiate at the second level will magically start to communicate with sprit guides, it takes practice and perseverance and to develop intuitive abilities to sense spirit guides through Reiki techniques like Byosen Ho and Reiji Ho. It is not an easy process but certainly not impossible if you learn to listen to the voice that resides inside of you. This voice is constantly talking but the noise from the mind drowns it out, keenly listening to the voice of your heart is a tool of power that is always with you. This voice can guide you like no other spirit can and it is vital to heed its call and this is what can be developed by using the aforementioned Reiki techniques.

Constantly honing your skills and practicing Reiki with faith and understanding can lead to some wonderful experiences with yourself – your own inner work and also share wisdom with spirit guides.