Reiki Healing – An Introduction to Meditation For Chakra Clearing

In this article, I will reveal a couple meditations to clear the chakras, which can be used for Reiki healing.

Everyday we encounter people or situations that inspire fear of some kind. With this being the case, we may absorb fearful energy into our chakras. For this reason, it is good to clear your chakras everyday in order to maintain a healthy balance.

Clearing your Chakras involves two steps:

1. Clearing, which is the releasing negative thought-forms from our chakras.

2. Balancing, which is the enlarging of the chakras so they are all the same size.

Dirty and imbalanced chakras can result in feelings of fatigue, and a cloudiness to one’s creativity and energy flow. Clean and balanced chakras open up our energy flow and enhance our creative thinking and processing.

There are a ton of methods to clear the chakras. You can try each and every different method to see which one will work for you. It’s enjoyable to be able to try different methods to experience different feelings of meditation and cleansing.

Reiki healing benefits with clearing the chakras because it teaches us a form of meditation. It is with these meditations that we are able to improve our flow of energy, heal ourselves, and enhance our life. Meditation is the method used widely to clear chakras. These meditations can range from 10 – 15 minutes in length and can be done anywhere at any time.

There is a lot more to meditation for chakra clearing which can be discovered through Reiki healing methods. To be sufficient in Reiki healing methods, one must attune themselves to Reiki, in order to benefit from these wonderful clearings.