Reiki Home Study Course

A Reiki home study course may be the answer to all of your prayers.

I believe that people just know or sense when it is the right time for them to include Reiki on their journey of life.

This is probably where you are right now but are struggling to incorporate or indeed afford the training.

Many towns and cities now offer Reiki courses, but their locations may not be convenient to you. If the location’s not a problem, then maybe the day & time does not suit you and your lifestyle.

At one time, I’m afraid that that would have been an end to your dream of learning about and ultimately practicing Reiki- but no more, there is a way!

One of the principles of Reiki is that ‚Just for today I will have an attitude of gratitude‘. This works here two-fold; I believe, because I am grateful that I can let you know about this wonderful Reiki home study course & in turn I hope that you too may be grateful at being able to conveniently learn this amazing system that allows you to heal. Yourself & others.

The Reiki home study course that I recommend has already trained over2,500 students worldwide.

It may sound a strange concept, learning Reiki via a home study course but many many people have already found it beneficial, rewarding and enjoyable.

Everything is downloadable. Nothing is posted to you, so you won’t even be inconvenienced by having to collect parcels from a Post Office.

The course is easily affordable and taught via e-books, practical guidance, hundreds of colour images, distant attunements and e-mailed support.

On top of all this there is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The course is instantly downloadable and anyone can easily study, understand and master this beautiful system for the purpose of healing, on all levels.

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