Reiki – Las Vegas, Nevada Options for Attunements and Training

If you are looking for practitioners who offer Reiki, Las Vegas Nevada has several. Other areas of the country have few or none, but in many cities with higher populations (like Las Vegas) more and more Reiki practitioners are opening shop.

Reiki is both a healing touch therapy and a form of energy medicine. Research has shown that healing touch is an effective form of complementary medicine. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) is currently sponsoring research into how and if Reiki works in various health conditions.

All of this research has led to the increased popularity of a healing art that was once only available for high fees from a select few practitioners. Beginning in the United States, with Hawaii, the practice has spread throughout the country, but slowly and gradually.

Sometimes it is an additional therapy offered to complement or augment other therapies. For example, one Reiki Las Vegas Nevada practitioner offers reflexology as well as Reiki therapy. Reflexology is classified by the NCCAM as a form of „Manipulative and Body-Based Practices“, along with chiropractic care and massage therapy.

In some states, Florida for example, Reiki practitioners are also required to be licensed massage therapists, even though traditional Reiki treatments require only a light touch or no physical touch at all. Massage therapy, of course, requires physical manipulation and contact. It is therefore contraindicated in some medical conditions, such as advanced osteoporosis.

There are no contraindications for Reiki treatment, although some practitioners do not recommend treatment for those with existing mental health issues. Personally, I became aware of Reiki after I had studied the healing chakras and was able through meditation and further study of Reiki to „cure“ my own anxiety and depression.

Critics often refer to Reiki as a form of „faith healing“, but it is not related to a specific religion and works with all religions or no religion at all. The only requirement is that the practitioner is aware of and able to access the universal life energy that surrounds and permeates our bodies.

When it comes to studying Reiki, Las Vegas Nevada schools are not listed in the Natural Healers Guide, but schools must pay for and request a listing, so there may be some schools in the city that offer Reiki classes. Some practitioners who advertise under „Reiki Las Vegas Nevada“ in the yellow pages are licensed by the state to offer treatment, but currently none advertise that they offer seminars or Reiki initiation.

New e-books are available on-line that are inexpensive and allow people to become initiated and learn in the privacy of their own homes. If you would like to learn more about the healing art, please visit Understanding, an informational site for those interested in Reiki.