Reiki Master Certification Courses From Home – 3 Reasons Why

What is Reiki? Reiki in literal terms comes from the terms „Rie“ meaning Spiritual Wisdom, and „Ki“ meaning Energy. Reiki is a spiritual healing system that channels the universal life-force energy in ones body to promote inner peace and healing.

What does it do and how does it work? Reiki can DO anything the receiver needs. It can heal, revive or boost lost energy, even release tension or pain. It can do all this by channeling energy through the practitioner from God or another higher universal power.

Where can I learn these old proven Japanese techniques? There are many places one can learn the Powers of Reiki. Certified training schools or Reiki Clinics, from a personal Reiki practitioner, or even in the comfort of your home with online Reiki courses.

How long will it take to become a Reiki Certified Master? There have been reports of advanced training techniques of courses taking as little as 48 hours to complete.

3 Reasons Why to earn your Reiki Master Certification from home:

1) Online Reiki Master Courses are far less expensive than traditional Reiki training or school. Sometimes costing as little as $120 in comparison to $4,800 or more to reach Reiki Master with other methods.

2) Reiki Master Level can be reached much faster with the more intense home techniques, reports of as little as 48 hours from start to finish. As apposed to many weeks of ever months with School Classes.

3) Most Internet based Reiki Master Courses have continued updates and training, even after the course is finished supplying answers to questions and tips.