Reiki Music – What is the Best Music to Accompany Reiki Sessions?

What type of Reiki music is best? There is really no single way to answer that question. Music has a very individual nature, with different people liking completely different ends of the music spectrum. The simple answer then would be: The music that best resonates with both the receiver and practitioner of a Reiki session is the best Reiki Music.

I feel it is important that both the facilitator and the receiver of the Reiki energy be in tune with the music. This harmony will make for a better healing environment and a better overall experience. Take myself as an example, I like some sounds of nature, but I really dislike whale sounds while practicing Reiki. For me they are distracting. So if I were to enter a Reiki session with someone who loved whale sounds, I would find it difficult to concentrate and focus on the healing.

I think it is best that music selection be discussed briefly before beginning a Reiki session. Even if you already have music playing, you may simply ask, „Do you like this music?“ Some practitioners like to have a variety of music to choose from. This is great because it gives both parties a chance to select music that resonates with both and helps facilitate a wonderful healing session.

Here are some categories of Music that you may find useful.

Reiki Specific. These are albums that are specifically created to accompany Reiki. Some incorporate the Reiki symbols by singing or chanting them. Some may perform Reiki on the music itself while performing. A few albums are even timed to coincide with the hand placements. The do this by either recording tracks of certain lengths or by adding a bell or other gentle reminder at certain intervals. Intervals are typically between three and six minutes depending on the album.

Meditation Specific. These albums are designed to soothe and relax. They could use any of a wide variety of instruments. These are good for relaxing during a Reiki session.

Sounds of Nature. Many people resonate well with sounds of nature. This may be sounds of water in a stream or fountain, sounds of the ocean, or sounds of animals like birds or whales and dolphins. Sounds of nature are great for grounding an individual and connecting them with the earthly plane. I like to use this type of music when working with emotional imbalance.

Popular Music. A number of popular, mainstream artists have albums that are great for Reiki. These are often harder to find when searching, since there is not any particular keyword associated with them. They are more often just stumbled across or recommended by friends. Enya, Mediaeval Baebes, and Nick Drake are some of my favorites.

The Human Voice. I really like albums that have a lot of vocals. I find the human voice to be a great healer. This can include chants, spoken voice, or singing. I also really like choral albums where multiply voices combine to enhance their healing power.