Reiki Self Attunement – Do You Need a Reiki Master?

If you heard of Reiki meditation forms and how they can help you in increasing your health you’ll be happy to learn that you don’t necessary need to see a Reiki master or practitioner to benefit from this form of meditation. You can do this alone using your inner energy and harness it.

As you can imagine Reiki energy is universal and limitless. As any type of universal energy, it is all around us in the air, flowers, buildings, grass as well as inside us. Even if we aren’t aware of this, the energy continues to be here. The meditation works regardless of your religion and it works even if you don’t have a religion of your own.

Through meditations we connect ourselves with the energy that’s around us. This form of meditation is similar with the meditation done by Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, when he went to Mount Kurama.

Reiki attunements relax your body and mind and eliminate the tension and stress from our bodies. These are just a few of the benefits of the Reiki attunement. Only then, when we aren’t tensioned or stressed, our body can heal and restore properly.

Reiki meditation forms helped all kinds of peoples – it helped those who couldn’t sleep or those who were ill, it helped people with cancer by helping them get their energy in balance after chemotherapy treatments. These people, instead of being depressed, balanced their energy and got better in a shorter time period.

Using Reiki meditation self attunement is almost as effective as using it with the help of a practitioner. You can use the meditation to alter your consciousness in any moment in order to help your body in gathering quick energy or in the healing process. If you have problems finding the beginning don’t forget that there are special systems and books that can help you.

These systems can help you in becoming a practitioner in 48 hours. Of course you need time to master the Reiki meditation but at least you’ll have a point from where to start. Over time you’ll receive a full certificate and you’ll become a true Reiki master.

Learning self attunement on Reiki meditation will help you when you are alone and you cannot ask a Reiki practitioner to help. Reiki will open a whole new door for you. The ability to help others in the healing process is amazing and after you realize its full potential and become a true master you’ll understand it even better.