Reiki Symbols Explained

These symbols represent the energy and power that is used during a Reiki treatment. They help the practitioner increase the energy flow in some areas if needed. Of course, there are variations to these symbols in the different schools of Reiki. They all represent energy and they all work the same.

It is what they mean that gives them their power. Cho ku rei is the power symbol and is used to help focus Reiki energy. You can draw this symbol in the air over the affected limb or body part and push it down into the body. This helps to anchor the healing intent of the practitioner into the patient’s body. You can also use this symbol to charge crystals or even the food you eat at every meal.

Sei he ki is the mental emotional symbol. It helps the Reiki to harmonize all parts of your psyche together. It is sometimes used for getting rid of bad habits or helping to begin a new regimen in your life. Hon sha ze sho nen is the distance symbol of Reiki. It helps you connect to issues of the past, present, or future. It can help with some past life issues as well.

You can also use the symbol when doing distant treatments for patients who can’t travel. Some masters use it at the end of a session to help anchor in your treatment and to say thanks for giving them the opportunity to help you in your recovery process. Dai ku myo is the master symbol. It activates Self Empowerment and opens your spiritual connection. I

t is believed that this symbol will work at the genetic and cellular levels. It connects us to God as well as our higher selves. This is also the symbol used by Reiki masters to activate th attunement process. It has also been used as a protection symbol. You can draw it on paper or in the air whenever you feel frightened.