Reiki Symbols – The Important Symbols on Reiki Attunements and Healing Process

Reiki symbols are Japanese forms derived from Sanskrit are mostly influenced by this old language. These symbols are means of centering or focusing your attention in order to connect with „specific“ healing frequencies and are used to increase energy and to help direct the flow of Ki (or chi in Chinese). These symbols are taught during the Second Degree of Reiki by a Reiki master. They are pictorial/written symbols that are used in the attunement processes and in the healing processes.

The energy involved, the Ki, was and still is the root of the entire body of Chinese medicine, where it is known as chi. Its name is actually meant to be a mantra that helps one connect with the symbol’s energy, and means „Right consciousness is the root for everything“, or better yet, „Correct thought is the essence of being“. During the Reiki attunement the energy of the attunement causes the Reiki symbols to become a stimulus and the particular energy the symbol represents which is present during the attunement becomes the response.

During an attunement you are given the connection with the energy through the symbols and they are used to help you focus. The first reiki symbol of the 3 learned at Level 2 Reiki is the power symbol called „Cho Ku Rei“ and is used to focus the energy and used for protection. The other two are Sei Hei Ki and Hon Sha ze Sho Nen

Use the first three Reiki symbols in conjunction with each other to fashion the Reiki energy to its best use for each individual client. For analogic example, the first symbol, the power symbol, magnifies Reiki like a magnifying glass magnifies the sun’s energy.

Attunements can be given only by a Reiki master and can be given for either the purpose of training one in Reiki, or for simply giving someone a larger experience of Reiki than usually experienced in treatments. The importance of having the true Reiki symbols is critical for proper attunement to be a Reiki channel.

With proper training, Reiki practitioners can become proficient in the use of these symbols to heal themselves and others, local or distance healing.

The Reiki practitioner assists the client to heal themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically by a simple laying on of hands. When used to heal pain, the symbol can reduce the intensity of the pain, and slowly cause the pain to completely disperse.

Sei Hei Ki Frequently called ‚the Mental-Emotional Symbol‘, Sei Hei Ki assists in healing the mental-emotional imbalance. The mental and emotional healing symbol balances the right and left brain. The symbol can be used on yourself (or others) when feelings of fear, anxiety, anger or depression come up. Creating the oneness to a part of you who has suffered provides the base for then using the mental/emotional symbol to gently provide healing.

Their use does not require that we be able to meditate or have years of spiritual practice. Lots of practice in applying the symbols to increase energy, to do distant healing, to heal the subconscious mind, to create affirmation, to clear negative energy in the environment. With practice the reiki symbols will become less relevant and the focus will change to the „intent“ of the specific energies required.

The Reiki practitioners actually do not believe in sharing the knowledge of Reiki and Reiki symbols to aspiring students unless they have attained the specific levels in Reiki. Many practitioners use this symbol whenever giving a treatment. Either way, a significant number of these newer symbols are in existence and are used by more and more Western Reiki practitioners to supplement their practice.

The Reiki symbols are usually shown to a student by a Reiki teacher or master, along with the concepts required in using them. These are sacred healing symbols which enhance the flow of Life Force Energy. These symbols help in linking up with the vital energy forces of life.