Reiki Teacher – Your Guide to Spiritual Growth

A Reiki teacher is actually your guide to higher spiritual growth. Although Reiki is practiced for healing purpose, it’s actually a very good tool for your spiritual exercise. When you receive an atonement, your seven major energy centers are activated and sometimes your Kundalini is awakened.

Someone with well balanced and active major chakras plus awakened Kundalini will have more psychic ability than regular person. It is a spiritual power that resides in our body and when awakened could really boost your consciousness.

A Reiki teacher is acting as a part of Divine and The Universe when giving you the atonement. He will be acting as the channel of the Divine Energy. The energy that flows in through your crown chakra is not his energy, it is the energy from the Divine. You should not accept anything that does not come from The Source.

In the past, Kundalini awakening and chakra activation are only made possible with years of spiritual exercise, and sometimes more than 10 or 20 years. Time has changed and now atonement has made it possible to achieve that amazing spiritual growth in only 20 minutes. This is why atonement has to be taken seriously with a great responsibility. With active energy centers, you could access and channel universal energy to heal yourself and help heal others. Active third eye will also boost your psychic ability. You have to be mentally and spiritually ready to posses this special ability.

A Reiki teacher plays a very important part in your spiritual growth. This is why you should be very careful in choosing a teacher. Check forums or ask around for information from his or her students. You should really check his reputation and credibility. You have to avoid dealing with a teacher which has bad reputation or lots of problem with his students