Reiki – The Power of Healing

If at the end of the day, we take an account of the varied activities we get involved in, we realise that most of them must have generated some kind of negative impression or reaction within us. It could be as simple as „the alarm going off and we making a face to get up“ or „the boss asking us for a submission before the decided time“ or „the kid being cranky“ etc. Let’s visualise something; Close your eyes and imagine a small tank on top of your head. There is an inlet and an outlet attached to this tank. This tank is full of positive energy. This energy is what gives you a healthy body, mind and soul. Every unfavourable situation opens the outlet and some of this positive energy leaks out. If you do this imaginative exercise consciously during a day, you will realise that by the end of the day, this tank is almost empty. A good night’s sleep can refill it to a certain extent, but to refill it completely we require something more. I would call it Reiki.

There are lot of misconceptions about the concept of Reiki. Some say its magic, or it can be practised only by yogis, or it should not be practised when a woman is menstruating, or only vegetarians can practise Reiki. None of this is true. The word Reiki means Universal Life Energy. This energy is present in every living creature ever created in this universe. Everyone is born with Reiki, and it is the energy which keeps us alive. Just as the car battery goes down, if not used for a long time, similarly, as we grow up, this energy lies dormant within because we don’t practise using it. Practising Reiki concentrates the cosmic energy within and outside, so that our body becomes the medium to heal ourselves and others.

Reiki works on a simple methodology. The body has 24 points or chakras, which needs to be given the energy regularly or especially at the time of a disease, through hands. The hand is kept over these points for a minimum of 3 mintues, which will ensure that the energy flow is happening from the giver to the receiver. (The giver and receiver maybe the same person also) While this is happening, these points and the giver’s hands may become warm, and the receiver feels positive energy within him. But to accentuate or recharge this Reiki flow, the giver needs to learn Reiki from a good and reliable source. Reiki can be given to any living form, for example, plants, animals, infants, pregnant women, ailing persons, etc. It has no side effects and can be either solely used for minor aliments or used as a supplement in major ones to speed up the recovery.

Effects of Reiki Treatment:

1.       Helps release emotions and stress: Reiki will release all the bottled up emotions which we are not even aware of. That is why, I know of people who start crying or feel a lot of anger or just keep smiling while being given Reiki. It reduces stress by calming the mind.

2.       Increases the energy levels: Every person who receives Reiki will feel a spurt of positive energy within. The person will feel energised from within which will inturn make him more positive towards himself and people around.

3.      Helps heal illnesses at a primary level:  I myself have used Reiki to heal viral colds, fever, a bad stomach, a bruise, bleeding, Pre-menstrual symptoms, insect bites, etc.  It works wonders for small babies and kids, as they are themselves so full of positive energy that the ability to accept the Reiki is the most within them. In no way should a person solely depend on Reiki if the illness takes a major turn. A doctor’s advice is definitely required.

4.      Increases awareness: I can vouch for this. I strongly believe in my intuition, and it increases each time I practise Reiki. Many a times, while doing the same, I experience solutions for some ongoing issue or come up with some ideas for the better.

5.      During pregnancy: Many women have experienced an elated feeling while receiving Reiki during their pregnancies. While I was pregnant, I used to practise Reiki. And every time, I could genuinely feel my son moving and kicking more. It was as if he is very happy. My discomforts would reduce, and I could feel a healthy feeling not just for myself but for my son.

Apart from the major ways mentioned above, in which Reiki can help us, let me share with you the various small purposes for which people use Reiki:

1.       Giving Reiki to restaurant food before consuming it, so that any negativities in the food is removed.

2.       Giving Reiki to the home plants so that they grow well.

3.       Giving Reiki to the pets so that they are calm and healthy.

4.       Giving Reiki to oneself before an examination, to perform well, and they definitely do well. Of course they study too!

5.       Giving Reiki to a pimple which has come up just before a big event. And many more.

The idea was to tell you that there are no limits to which you can use this cosmic energy within you to help yourself and others around you. As most of the things in this world, Reiki must be experienced to be understood and appreciated.