Scientific Basis for Reiki and Other Energy Therapies

Currently almost half of adult Americans visit an alternative practitioner annually, spending over 20 billion, which exceeds the amount of out-of-pocket visits to mainline physicians. That in itself speaks volumes about the holistic care Americans are now demanding. Rapidly growing in popularity are the energy therapies; some examples are Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Qigong, Craniosacral, Acupuncture, Polarity, and Esoteric Healing. Reiki therapists are now present in my own Detroit area mega- hospitals such as Henry Ford, St. Johns, Wm. Beaumont and St Joseph’s. Not only are they present but their numbers are growing.

Energy therapy philosophy believes that people are surrounded by energy fields and these fields play a vital part in health and healing. Dysfunctional ways of thinking and relating to our world interrupt the flow of life force energy and cause a block, thus causing dis-ease in the organs deprived of chi.

Science has found that wherever there is electricity, there is a magnetic field surrounding it (Gauss and Maxwell’s laws of Physics) which makes humans both electrical and magnetic. Consider this fact-we have electrical impulses which regulate our heartbeat and stimulate our kidneys to empty urine into the bladder. Our cells converse with each other not only through complex systems of hormones, chemicals and ultraviolet light but electrical signals as well-a pulsating living web.

So we all have low voltage electromagnetic energy exuding from our hands which is a healing vibration for all living things. During an energy treatment, this „chi“(energy) is moved into the clients‘ field through compassion and our intention to help others heal. Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of technology, led by Dr. John Zimmerman, discovered a device called the SQUID (superconducting Quantum Interference Device). They used it to study the hands of trained healers, and found strong magnetic fields are created there, measuring up to 300 volts. Vibration and the amount of energy transferred from healer to client naturally adjust to match the needs of the receiver! Because these fields are invisible to the naked eye, it is taking the medical community longer to embrace them. But remember the naked eye cannot see many things that are absolute, real and powerful-the internet, microwaves, and radio and TV waves. Our eyes are limited and actually „see“ only 1/10th of 1% of all that’s around us, so isn’t it ironic that we make so many judgments based on sight alone.

Scientific studies have been conducted for years on many well known healers such as Oscar Estebany. He could, just by holding his hands near them, accelerate wound healing in horses, reactivate damaged stomach enzymes (trypsin) in humans, and promote growth in saline-damaged barley seeds. Some Therapeutic Touch studies, done by Dolores Krieger, RN, PhD, showed hemoglobin levels can rise in both healer and receiver as a result of the treatment. Canadian healer, Bernard Grad, observed at the University of Montreal, rapidly healed surgical incisions on mice through his intention alone, with no hands on.

Positive thoughts and intention are a big part of energy therapies. It is important to remain centered, feel unconditional love and intend the highest good for the receiver as we are giving a treatment. Dr. Masaru Emoto (Japan) has shown the world how the energy of our thoughts and words affects water, and has captured the patterns in crystals as water freezes. Ugly pictures were formed by projecting negative, angry thoughts into the water, while beautiful thoughts created awe inspiring formations; with that in mind, just imagine, for example, how self- loathing can destroy us.

We are only in the embryo state of examining how these therapies help us heal. We have so much more to unveil. I believe Reiki and other healing hands therapies are the medicine of the future. In time, we will see them taking their rightful place in hospitals, wellness centers and homes everywhere.