The Benefits of Reiki Are Healing Rather Than Masking

The next time you reach for that bottle of pills ask yourself, are they helping me to heal or simply masking or erasing the symptoms of what needs to heal. Until an illness is healed those sometimes painful symptoms will constantly reappear.

The energy Mikao Usui named Reiki Ryoho, commonly referred to as Reiki, goes to the core of what needs to be healed not masking the symptoms. Healing is a natural process, as opposed to curing that often consists of removal of body tissues or adding man made materials to work with the human tissues. The licensed medical professional that has not only his or her medical experience and education to offer, but also the unique form of universal energy called Reiki flowing through him or her is becoming less rare as the benefits of Reiki are recognized.

The spiritual practice of Reiki balances the whole person and surrounds with harmony. What is in balance and surrounded with harmony heals. Thus, Reiki promotes and speeds healing deep within the mind, body, and spirit.

People today have a tendency to skip that chapter that tells why rest is the most important element in good health and jump right into reading the chapter that explains how turning the engine over prevents congestion and stagnation. When rest time is limited Reiki takes center stage in helping to optimize the efficacy of nourishment, medication, and any treatments. Every tissue within your body has a unique task that is part of keeping all systems up and running. Each tissue requires energy, and Reiki is a form of energy that can adjust to any vibration needed. Most Reiki practitioners begin a session in a manner that is most comfortable for him or her. What follows is the tissues within the client’s body guiding the practitioner’s hands and holding them in various locations. Reiki flows to wherever a need exists, but the practitioner’s hands being guided to a specific area decreases the traveling Reiki must do.

Most healing sessions last from forty-five to ninety minutes. Some imbalances in the body are more comfortably controlled by multiple sessions. Simmon Mills and Kerry Bone when writing about herbal medicine give a general rule of thumb the time required for healing to happen. They suggest allowing three months of treatments for an illness of a year’s standing and a month for every further year. Receiving daily Reiki sessions is best, but each person working with a practitioner can work with what fits into his or her life. Reiki will only flow as much as cells can hold at one time. Once that energy has been exhausted it is best for the cells to receive more energy with which to repair, remove, and rebuild. When you think of cells using energy, go back to the ATP molecules you learned about in biology 101. If there are no imbalances that require energy, Reiki flows to the whole person boosting the repair, release, and rebuilding always happening at all levels within us. Many illnesses come from failure to cope with infections introduced into the body or the body not having adequate defenses. On those days when you simply have given your all to a project it is nice to feel your all recharging in the relaxing peaceful manner of a Reiki session. Often following a session people experience a feeling of lightness as unwanted encumbrances have been released with no pain or effort to him or her.

Some critics question the healing of a Reiki session because Reiki practitioners do not do adjustments or use needles, tuning forks, or any such things. The power of energy coming directly from the universe only needs the person through which it flows to have learned the discipline required, and to have achieved the spiritual growth to open up to it. Today there are many qualified Reiki Shihans (teachers), and checking a Reiki practitoners lineage back to Mikao Usui can easily show you her or his qualifications.

If you have convinced yourself you cannot heal or are simply unhappy with your life, your body follows those and other thought waves that such thinking attracts to you. In a relaxing and peaceful Reiki healing session, peace and tranquility are created. In that safe relaxed state, your brain waves slow down and your thoughts drift away from the negative, allowing room for the positive to flow in. With positive energy flowing in you feel homeostasis happening in your mind, body, and spirit, and are ready for life’s challenges.

If you have been putting something off that you know you should do, you can view it in a different light. Tension headaches become history. Breaks from chronic pain give you time to sit back, enjoy the relief, and collect your thoughts while healing is taking place within you. Pain drains a lot of energy from you and relaxation plus the unique from of energy called Reiki are important ingredients in the recipe for health and happiness.

Reiki practitioners and teachers do not promise instant cures, but healing does happen in the way that is best for each individual receiving at that time. Following a trauma, surgery, or other professional medical treatments Reiki helps the whole person (or animal as Reiki supports all life) to realign so that the mind and body are connected and working together in a harmonic way. The Cartesian body-mind split common in conventional medical practices can be healed through Reiki sessions. Reiki gives support to medications and treatments given by professional medical doctors, and helps to minimize side effects.

A Reiki healing session is perfect before and after holidays, big events and celebrations, or any time you simply would like to be at your best.

No one knows your body better then you do. How many times have you known something was wrong even though medical tests were negative? There are no tests with Reiki, and neither Reiki practitioners nor teachers diagnose or prescribe treatments unless he or she is also a licensed medical professional qualified to do so. Because Reiki travels to areas that may not be showing any symptoms of an illness, healing can begin in the early stages before an illness falls into the crisis category. The more in balance your mind and body are the easier it is for you to heal from any health crisis that comes on suddenly or through an accident.

Reiki enhances a person’s awareness in such areas as sight, sound, smell, and taste. Because Reiki goes to the core and like a flashlight shines from the inside out, healing can continue for two or three days following a healing session. Breaks from chronic pain lasting two to three days following a session allow time to sit back, enjoy the relief, and collect your thoughts while feeling the healing taking place within you. I have had medical doctors tell me they never expected the healing to happen as well and as quickly as it did in several cases in which Reiki was added.

Reiki is often all the positive energy you need to once again feel OK with the world. How many times have you had an unsettling feeling in your stomach from the disagreement you had with your parent(s), brother(s), sister(s), friend(s), teacher(s), child(ren), spouse, landlord, or boss? Reiki can help a person to develop relationships that are more positive. Reiki allowed to flow into the work place can make workdays more enjoyable by helping to remove obstacles and developing relationships that are more productive. Mental clarity is one of the things experienced following a Reiki session. Even though a person most often finds him or her self more relaxed then they have been, following the session he or she is focused, full of energy and ready to take on life.

Reiki can help a new Mom get back to herself more quickly with a zest for life while experiencing a calming sensation. Receiving Reiki during pregnancy is what one might call a ‚two for one deal‘ as if flows to both the mother and child(ren).

Most people have heard of Cranial Sacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release. Both of these treatments are done by licensed medical professionals. Reiki gently allowed to flow through the cranial cavity feels wonderful and mirrors the balance of these treatments without any of the risks such as those involving the parasympathetic nerves.

Reiki practitoners and teachers are wonderful listeners, but you do not have to explain why you are coming for a Reiki session. Injuries and illnesses can be a very personal thing and because the practitioner has learned to feel the inharmonic vibrations, her or his hands are naturally guided to areas that can use the most energy.

Today we hear about many different styles of Reiki. The spiritual practice of Reiki has been altered in how it is presented by many Reiki teachers since Mikao Usui’s passing in 1926. Each time a Reiki teacher alters the way in which he or she was taught the name is changed so as not to dishonor his or her teacher. Universal energy has been called sacred energy and spiritual energy. I refer to Reiki as described by my Japanese Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki teachers, the vibrations of love and harmony of universal energy. The terms used do not matter because the origins of the system Mikao Usui founded remain powerfully etched in time.

As you research various styles of Reiki, you will see the Reiki teacher’s path before that particular style was created, and gain a better understanding of the various styles. Universal energy can never be made better and therefore no style of Reiki is better than any style

A Reiki healing session with nothing added to it feels great, and the only requirements from the client is to relax and enjoy. The unique form of energy flowing through a trained Reiki practitioner will never cause any harm or have any negative side effects.